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Nearly Four Months In: Has Mourinho Improved Spurs? [opinion]
By Harry Hotspur -
My thanks to The Whistle Blows‘ Peter Faulkner

Some fans keep banging-on about how successful Jose has been [the inference of ‘was’ being the operative word] throughout his career. However, Arsene Wenger was successful once, so was Pellegrini, Ranieri and a few others; where are they all now?

When I used to manage a sales team I used to bring all those, who thought they were brilliant sales-people, down to earth by reminding them that they were only as good as their last sale, and the longer they went without one the more humble they became… I’ll gladly blow Jose’s trumpet when he wins something or, at this early stage, he even looks like winning something.

I’ll even shout his praises if he can get us playing like a proper team for more than one game in every four. But, apart from his previous record at other clubs, and a lot of the edge of the seat wins with us recently, I don’t see much to shout about.

I desperately hope I am wrong about the current situation, but I am beginning to fear that JM is looking more like a snake-oil salesman that has run out of patter the longer this torture goes on. The same fans are also saying: ‘give him time, he hasn’t had a preseason, and he needs to buy -in his own players’.

Well, we have just had a winter break where he has supposedly worked-with the players – which could have been longer if we had beaten Southampton the first time around in the F.A Cup – and he had the chance to loan or buy players in the January window as well – especially a striker.

Others are saying that the problem is we are missing Harry, Son and Sissoko, well my reply to that is, were we missing them over the Christmas break? And let’s face it we only played one supposedly hard team [on paper that is] in that period, and we were at home to them.

Please understand this is not me kicking the cat, this is me looking for answers, as I know a lot f you are too. All I see is Jose in the media all the time: He should be in the dressing room and on the training ground fixing things.

The media got wise to his PR stunts a decade ago, and yes, although they still know a Jose story sells newspapers, they also realise it isn’t going to win matches. The proof of the pudding is not the results – and I agree he does need time to turn things around – it’s the tell-tale signs of improvement on the pitch. And I don’t see much of those after nearly four months in charge.

Anyone who cannot see that under Mourinho we have been lucky, very lucky in fact, is blinkered. Yesterday was a wake-up call and I fear it may have come too late to gain a Champion’s League slot. Moreover, I do not mean a wake-up call to Levy and Lewis or the players. Daniel and Joe have had their chance to save this season by buying, or loaning, players, and they missed the boat. Furthermore, at the end of the day, the players have to play in the positions given them and employ the strategies that Jose decides upon.

Therefore, the responsibility lies firmly on his shoulders. Some fans must take off the rose-tinted specs in their desperate hope of winning silverware with a proven winner like Jose, and also realize that this season could all end up in tears just as easily as it could in glory. I have supported Spurs for over fifty years and my loyalty is to the club, not an interim manager who probably won’t be with us in three years time. Wake up and smell the coffee, Jose, You’re only as good as your last win and the publicity stunts are not fooling me – a good many others as well.


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25 responses to “Nearly Four Months In: Has Mourinho Improved Spurs? [opinion]”

  1. Tappaspur says:

    If someone asked me when I was 25 what third of your life would you like to part of spurs glory I’d said NOW (the middle) But come to think of it I reckon the final third would be better. Lucky me🌚

  2. Legoverlassarisen says:

    You can almost encapsulate the problems within this team by looking at our throw ins. There is no movement from players, no one offering up any options. The thrower looks frustrated and invariably throws the ball back towards one of our players or straight to an opposition player. Chelsea scored their second from a move that started from a throw in and had players moving into position from the throw in.What does this indicate? No running off the ball, no energy or intensity, no vision by players, no adequate coaching at the very basic levels of the game.the same applies to corners both attacking them and defending them, What exactly does happen on the training ground during the week ?

  3. Tappaspur says:

    The heading the ball from goal kicks will be banned one day. Learn to trap the ball young players. Keeper to the final third.

  4. Limerick AL. says:

    Daniel Says, ‘Relaaaxxx’.

  5. muddy says:

    4 months and already the knives are out he’s not my cup of tea never has been, makes to many excuses and like’s to wine a lot about issues not in his control instead of fixing things. He needs to stop moaning get on with the job he’s paid to do and then we will see if he lives up to the hype in his own mind.I give him to this time next year before I judge him.

  6. Tappaspur says:

    TOTTENHAM COME TO CONQUER. I have no doubts about that.

  7. VancSpurs says:

    Look, that is a noble cowboy’s assessment. This cattle drive of late has us ploughing through muddy terrain.
    Whips and loud voices will never help any struggling creature to listen.
    Jose said it himself he wished it was now July and this cattle drive was over. And have time to prepare for the next season’s journey.
    Cattle drives are driven over the course of many miles of land – earth which the animals hooves are designed to walk upon.
    We attach snorkels to our horses, our cattle and ourselves, and are forced to swim.
    Cowboys don’t swim. Horses and cows don’t either.
    The Levy lit the dam on fire and we’re all drowning.
    No cowboy in all this Wild West will fix this.
    The water is the problem, and ENIC need to be plugged.

  8. Winning Mentality says:

    A leader who fails to evolve will eventually become extinct. This is probably Joses last chance to prove that he is still the special one. I really hope we don’t get to the stage where starts talking about what he won, he needs to adapt/evolve or die.

    I want him to succeed but it doesn’t look good at the moment. Being beaten twice by someone you coached is just downright embarrassing.

  9. coys1882 says:

    Let’s be honest, without Kane and Son (plus Erikssen in his prime), this is a mediocre team, a mid-table team at best. Injury and form decline have taken their toll on a number of players from 2/3 seasons ago, when this team was in its prime and these players have either not been replaced, or have been so inadequately. This is especially true of our full back rotation and defensive midfield. Walker, Rose, Trippier, Dembele, Wanyama and Dier.

    Chronic under-investment in the squad is the root cause, there is no other significant reason. Numerous transfer missteps by Levy have prevented the team from being actively replenished in positions of need. Prioritising the stadium over the squad, has seen the advent of a magnificent new world class stadium, in contrast to an ageing threadbare squad, currently without a fit striker. A shadow of the squad from 2/3 years ago that twice finished with the league’s best defence.

    In my opinion Mourinho was a desperate attempt by Levy to retain Champion’s League football without spending money on refurbishing the team. If the team had stayed injury free it might have worked, but then again if you work world class players, like Kane and Son, into the ground, you get what you deserve, i.e. broken pieces. Initially the team did improve under Mourinho, but now in the face of significant injuries the improvement has stalled and the team, like its manager, is looking bereft of ideas.

    My prediction is the team will limp along till the end of the season and finish outside of Europe altogether, including the Europa League. Mourinho will then be modestly backed by Levy for one transfer window and a top 4 place demanded for next season. With no European football, a fit Kane and Son and a couple of really good acquisitions, plus hopefully Bergwijn, Lo Celso and Ndombele developing into top class EPL players, a top four finish is a realistic target, but if not then Mourinho will be gone by next Summer.

  10. Mermelada Mañana says:

    It’s an odd season. We started so poorly, sacking Poch seemed illogical, yet inevitable.
    Big money spent on a N’Dombele to fill the Dembele void, hasn’t gone to plan with the lad having the skills but even less of a body than the aged Dembele.

    Uncertain contracts, Eriksen’s leaving saga, Rose and his toxicity, and then bang, Kane, bang Sissoko, bang Son….There’s a definite hard luck story around us this year, could anyone else have made much more progress? We’re clsoer to top 4 than when Poch was sacked, but could Poch have dragged us back up again anyway? Who knows?
    Is Mourihno’s football thrilling anyone? Absolutely not. Do we look to have any more answers than questions now? Nope. Are we higher up the table and still in a cup, yes.
    Have we got a nucleas of young, exciting players? yes! Lo Celso, Bergwijn, N’Dombele, Tanganga, Sessengon, and we still have Son and Kane to return…..

    I really don’t know what this season is. Its an odd one.

    If we can cling on to European football, keep our best players and go again next season, maybe we will see what Maureen can do? We’re not Chelsea, Man U, Madrid etc, so let’s see what you’ve got in that locker MR M.

    Is Jose the right man for us…….? I’m not sure….I think we need a younger man, with fresh ideas and plenty of enthusiasm that will, like Poch, rise above the shortcomings of the Levy factor….for a while….

    If we’re not going to win, I’d rather it look like we are dying, trying…

  11. ronan1882 says:

    Fair play for posting this alternative viewpoint H and for your tolerance for posters with radically differing views. Makes for a very democratic forum and a much more interesting one than run-of-the-mill “protect levy at all costs” fan sites and podcasts.

    • Andy says:

      Although I agree almost wholly with the article it makes for sad reading. We are still in the mix for a CL spot but there is no joy for supporters or players it seems. JM is a seasoned professional coach with results as good as it gets but hungry young, talented managers like Nagelsmann and Lampard play him on a break. There are no comfortable games at home now, the squad has been struggling for some time and all we get is nonsense links to ageing players like Fellaina, Willian or future starlets like Bellingham. I am certain this is all Enic controlled PR to con fans.

      • ronan1882 says:

        With respect to proprietor’s sensibilities, I now fear for us under Mourinho. Even when HK and sonny were available he was setting the side up to just contain lesser teams managed by far less experienced coaches. Cannot recall one game since he arrived where he has looked to take it to the opposition from the start and most of the victories have been achieved by massively riding our luck defensively (wolves, norwich, saints, city.)
        I dont know what kind of players he will look to bring in this summer but when you look at what Man U have to show for the 400m he spent there I see little cause for optimism on the transfer front either…

  12. Marbella Spur says:

    Swapping Poch for Maureen was a short sighted switch by Levy who thought that by employing Maureen on £15 mill pa, he could avoid the nub of the problem which was to substantially reinforce the squad. In all honesty, how many players of the current team are really up to a PL winning standard? Maureen is not a Spurs type manager and this is on a par with employing George Graham. He will never play the style of football Spurs fan have always been accustomed to. I cannot see this ending well between him and Levy, but then how can any manager do well at Spurs with Levy in charge?