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NDombele To Spurs Takes An Unbelievable Twist
By Harry Hotspur -

NDombele cost Lyon in the region of just £7 Amiens last summer.

One cannot help that this is the pivotal issue on the minds of some. Otherwise, what possible fascination would an alleged bid of £60million hold for anyone?

Only last month the player was reported as being valued at €80million by Calciomercto amongst many.

A bid of £60million would provide an interesting twist, given that Tottenham’s opening offer was cited as being €35million. However, I’m stuggling to see how this dramatically alters matters.

Indeed, Lyon president Jean Michel Aulas has already told The Independent that it’s all about the money, honey.

“In the sale of a player, the economic parameters are the priority. But if offers are equal, I would offer him to Andrea Agnelli (Juventus president).”

Unless Aulas has had a complete change of outlook, then it is simply unbelievable that £60million would swing any deal.

The Guardian seems to be the only outlet taking a rational approach to proceedings, and perhaps not uncoincidentally, they also have a better grasp of the exchange rates than some.

This all smacks of clickbait for Spurs fans who are starved of transfer activity.

Why would the Lyon boss who so publically berated Levy after the Hugo Lloris deal, be so keen to provide a goodwill discount?

£60million, €75million, a miss is as good as a mile.

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