Date: 11th February 2019 at 11:05am
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Hi, my name is Troy McClure Harry Hotspur and you may recognise me from such blogs as ‘The Academy Is A Waste Of Time’ and ‘Oh No, Not Another Bloody Awful Haircut From The Academy’.

Yet I’m genuinely bewildered by the tide of intolerance that’s been lapping against Oliver Skipp’s social media shores.

Here are some classic examples of the ignorance that did the rounds after yesterday’s game.

I’m not in the business of defending the indefensible. Yesterday wasn’t his finest hour 71 minutes.

Influence graph
Fed by Winks

Skipp’s passing accuracy was a lowly 76.5% and his best passing business was pinging the ball backwards, which he did on 14 out of 15 occasions.

Losing the ball

On the plus side, losing the ball was something Skipp didn’t;t really get involved in. His 6 occasions didn’t;t put him in the Worst Offender category.

Fighting spirit

When it came to making challenges comparatively – Skipp put a shift in.

But this is all dancing on the head of a pin.

The real question is why has been Poch been forced into playing a lad who clearly has potential, but is perhaps suffering a little from having been into the deep end?

Maybe this has something to do with not having any other options?

Oh, I’m sorry. I forget things.

When the new stadium opens, all our players will be transformed into superstars, the magic fairy dust that Levy has been busy coating every surface in the shopping centre with will transform all of us to a promised land.

Unicorns and rainbows for everyone.

Oliver Skipp is 18 years of age and developing nicely.

Stop embarrassing yourselves by digging out a decent kid, who’s still paying his dies.

Thanks in advance.