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Napoléon Pochaparte

By The Boy -

Pochettino’s post match presser managed to contain even more swagger than the prematch one.

People tend towards making cheap parallels in football, but it we’re now watching Mauricio doing a Britain’s Got Talent impression of Jose Mourinho.

Jose’s not everyone’s cup of Earl Grey, and his public appearances invariably contain a subtext which he uses for all manner of darks arts from deflection to ‘pity me’.

The Special One’s saving grace is a CV fatter than the mother in law.

You my feel niggled by the 55 yea old Portuguese, but his imperious attitude matches his formidable achievements.


Poch may be getting weary of hearing it, but until the 46 year old Argentine starts winning trophies then he’s very little room for grandstanding – at anyone.

Yes, he’s done well, but footballing history won’t remember him because he’s not a winner. Nobody cares how he feels.

Psychiatric hospitals over the years have been full of people who genuinely believed that they were Napoleon. Nobody will remember them either.

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Snarling at the press doesn’t work for everyone.

If you have lots of credits in your Achievements Column, you can more than get away with it.

Brian Clough and Sir Alex Ferguson (to name but two) could more or less get away with being as acidic as they liked.

At the risk of stirring up bad football memories, Lord Sugar can talk across a wannabe apprentice saying, ‘Nah, I’ve heard enough, you sound like a waste of space’, because being a gigantic success affords one gravitas.

Mauricio has very little purchase in the gravitas stakes.

That’s the cold truth.









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