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Naming Rights Still A Niggle As AIA Graciously Decline

By The Boy -

A few days ago these quotes emerged via SportsPro Media, which go a long way to explaining the ongoing bungling that has been the naming rights of Spurs new arena.

Naming rights that ENIC were thought be seeking £200million for.

Industry expert Carsten Thode, the chief strategy officer of marketing agency Synergy said:


“There is a mismatch between what the market thinks it is worth and what Daniel Levy wants for it. The stadium naming rights have value for exposure but in the modern world, with modern habits, that value is decreasing because companies can compare it with other marketing options.”


Thode then explained that football stadiums aren’t necessarily an advertising panacea for all brands.


“Shirts and stadiums provide a lot of exposure, but they don’t provide targeting measuring actions, so you don’t know who is seeing them, you don’t know if the person is old or young, and you can’t tell a story.”


Brand reinforcement of this nature is a blunt tool, no matter how you care to dress it up.

Unlike a flagship store in a prime location – packed full of the brand’s product – the brand is ‘only’ buying a very high profile billboard.

The Reebok didn’t sell trainers and you can’t book a flight at the Emirates; this is a niche market.


Gladys tells me that Hewlett Packard are still the only serious contender.

Hewlett Packard have a longstanding relationship with Tottenham Hotspur.

The American company’s branding previously adorned the north London club’s playing strip between 1995 and 1999.

AIA were offered a naming rights deal, however Glad understands that they graciously declined – certain in the belief that their current deal was serving them excellently.

The idea of an HP Hire Purchase Stadium would be beyond parody, against the backdrop of Levy’s interminably drawn out transfer dealings.

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