Date: 28th February 2018 at 6:14pm
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The way to put this one to bed is not to field a jamboree of odds and sods, then throw on Harry Kane for the last 15 minutes.

That said, I am convinced that Pochettino spends so much time saying ‘yes massah’ to the Bald Weirdo and to the players he’s shown far too much kindness to previously that when he can put his foot down he does so with cartoonish fervour.

If Sadiq Kahn is the mayor that likes to say ‘no’, then Mauricio Pochettino is the Mayoral coach that likes to say, ‘I am in charge’ whilst also doing nothing. Fans are routinely pulling their hair out at the hour mark, only to witness what should have happened far far sooner – eventually happen ten minutes later.

I like bloody minded managers, but I don’t like ones that are bloody minded just for the sake of it. Doing the same thing again and again and acting each time as if it’s a coincidence that you’re repeating yourself is the work of a chump.

Hit ’em hard and then earn the rest.