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Mourinho Confident Of A Golden Handcuffs Deal, So What’s Changed, Levy?
By Harry Hotspur -
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Son Heung-Min is expected to be offered a golden handcuff extension to stay at Spurs, beyond the duration of his current contract, which is due to expires in 2023. A new deal would keep the much-loved South Korean at Tottenham until 2025.

Whilst this is brilliant news, it would be remiss of me not to ask why this was not the case with Toby Alderweireld, Jan Vertonghen or Christian Eriksen? Each of these players were kept hanging on so long, that by the time their deals were running down, all that was achieved was an air of stalling, bickering and bad feeling. Fans couldn’t work out why Mauricio Pochettino was on the face of things randomly dropping the Belgians from his first-team squad, and it was never explained to anyone.

Worse yet, Christian Eriksen’s demise at Spurs was pretty much a ‘How Not To’ guide on handling big stars. Levy and Pochettino appeared incapable of constructing a solution that served anyone well, and Tottenham were left with a doe-eyed Dane that wasn’t interested in getting injured before securing his exit visa from N17. Again, fans were left perplexed; how had a superstar turned into the shadow of his former self. If the situation wasn’t weird enough, it wasn’t long – just 8 months – after Christian joined Milan for €20million that he was then rumoured to be up for sale by the Italians for €50million!

My question is a perfectly reasonable one; what’s changed, Daniel? First we discover we can buy players because we do have a budget, and then it emerges that talent can be locked down in advance. Just what was the blockage at Spurs?

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