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Mourinho £90M Snub Could Put Special One In Pole For Any Possible Tottenham Job
By Joe Fish -

Jose Mourinho would be interested in taking the Tottenham Hotspur job should Mauricio Pochettino leave the club, according to the Daily Mail.

Pochettino’s future is coming under increasing scrutiny although there is still a feeling that it will be the players who pay for Tottenham’s poor start to the season, with The Times reporting a planned January clear-out.

The Daily Mail claims that Spurs have no plans to sack Pochettino, but there is concern within the club that the Argentine has become disillusioned and is looking for a way out.

Manchester United and Real Madrid are admirers but are deterred by the £32million compensation package Spurs would demand.

Mourinho will be monitoring the situation closely. The 56-year-old has been out of management since being sacked by United last December, and The Daily Mail believe that he has turned down offers from Benfica and Chinese side Guangzhou Evergrande, worth £90m, to wait for the right opportunity.

The 56-year-old’s reputation is not what it once was, but he is still considerably overqualified for a club who has won one trophy in 20 years.

There is a certain allure to Mourinho; a Hollywood bad boy with a history of breaking hearts, but one with just enough charm that you think you can change him. An ego trip that Daniel Levy may not be able to resist.

But the Portuguese would be such a drastic change in direction from Pochettino, and the tough period we’re currently enduring is right out of the third-season Mourinho play-book.

Do we want to go through another rebuild in three years’ time? Is one League Cup really worth it?

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17 responses to “Mourinho £90M Snub Could Put Special One In Pole For Any Possible Tottenham Job”

  1. PlayItAgainSamways says:

    No managers with winning on their CV will come to Spurs so I wouldnt even bother having a ‘pick’.

    Howe or some other potential potentially potential good manager it will be.

    Fuck that.

    Levy cant sack him and Poch wont quit.

    Pochettino is the man for Spurs. Im fed up with actual Spurs fans mulling over paper sack talk bullshit.

  2. Leslie Crawford says:

    Allegri is the best manager to be linked with Spurs and has the titles and experience.Levy won’t sack Poch unless we end up in the bottom three by Christmas.

  3. coys1882 says:

    Frankly Mourinho is not worth it. A manager with a great CV, but one who has lost his lustre and appears to be beyond his ‘sell by date’, similar to Louis van Gaal, who we were lucky to avoid. Eddie Howe, a young, hungry, coach, used to working within a limited budget and seemingly an excellent man manager, would be much more up Levy’s street and probably a much better choice.

    Having said that, Poch ain’t gone yet! He may well weather the storm and turn things around, but I wouldn’t lay odds on it. It also depends how tolerant Levy is going to be regarding our current plight. However, the compensation package for Poch and his staff would be steep and Poch has plenty of credit in the bank, therefore I cannot see Levy making a knee jerk reaction.

    Poch is not going to walk and Levy won’t fire him, unless the unthinkable happens and we continue our headlong plunge actually into the relegation zone. So unless Poch either decides he’s had enough, or goes full Juande Ramos, he will have a couple of transfer windows to turn things around. I for one genuinely hope he can turn it around, but I wouldn’t honestly put the odds at better than 50/50.

  4. DannyG says:

    I can’t see Levy sacking Poch, or Poch walking out. If that did happen I can’t see how Levy would be able to work with Mourinho. Non runner in my opinion.

    • Spurs est1882 says:

      Poch will walk as soon as a United or Real sack their guys. He will then get bought out. Levy will back fill with either Allegri (if he trying to prove he has ambition) or Howe (caliming he wants up and comer that has proved his note at a lower level and ready to step up).

      • DannyG says:

        Not so sure if Utd or Real would pay the money when Poch’s stock is falling but if it did happen I can see either of those two you mentioned coming.

        • Spurs est1882 says:

          I think Poch is still seen as being hard done by with Levy and they would gamble. I think Real far less likely than utd at trying him.

  5. Eleventstonedidiots says:

    He’d be walking into a better squad than he did at Utd but If Mourinho thought he had it bad with Woodword he won’t know what hit him with our pocket-sized dynamo. I just can’t see Levy putting up with Mourinho’s public barbs after he’s bungled yet another transfer window. It’s not quite George Graham territory but it will take a lot for him to win over a lot of fans and If the football is sh1te and we are not winning anything its a relationship destined to fail and fail quickly.

  6. The Holy Bottom Burp says:

    Nah, he is not a Tottenham manager, and he seems to have lost his winning mojo. We would end up still winning bugger all, while watching dull defensive football. Brenden Rodgers is much more my idea of a Poch successor. He would restore confidence and probably be able to lure a couple of Leicester’s better players to WHL.

    • Spurs est1882 says:

      Rodgers will not leve Leicester right now, especially not for us.

    • Eddie says:

      I think Rodgers has already stated he wouldn’t come to Spurs as he wouldn’t have enough control over transfers.
      In fact he would have none at all.Levy is the expert in that field as is evident in our current situation.

      • Is Gascoigne gonna have a crac says:

        Nobody worth their salt will come and work under Levy. He has backed us into a real problem.

  7. paul says:

    Levy: So Jose all incoming transfers will have to paid for by outgoing transfers and just to be clear I will handle all transfer negotiations

    Levy: Jose?

    Dial tone.

    • Spurs est1882 says:

      Jose – Hi Mr Levy, I will come to your club if Poch leaves, and I will win you every trophy ever created…the Champions league, the Premiere league…the Ryder cup…
      Levy – Excellent, and you can do this within our current business model?
      Jose – I am Jose Mourinho – I can do anything! What is this business model of what you speak?
      Levy – We have a NET spend, incoming must be covered by outgoing…
      Jose – That is ok, I am Jose, I will play myself as I am better than every one at everything. People say I need money to win…I only ask for a poultry sum to get started £1bln should do
      Levy – er….
      Jose – if you cant do that…I should be chairman as I am the best at everything.
      Levy – Dial tone
      1 week later in the Sun – Jose claims Levy is an idiot and couldn’t even offer the smallest of transfer kitty to support his dream of buying every top player in the world and playing them all in defence until the fans drop into a coma.

  8. Marbella Spur says:

    He’s too high maintenance for Levy. Brendan Rodgers or Eddie Howe are more up his street. I believe that Poch has had enough of Levy and who could blame him. They will never manage to shift the players they want to in January and where will we be in the League by then, considering our present form. Poch will either get sacked or be poached by another club. I think his stock is still high enough and all the clubs know how impossible Levy is to deal with.

  9. Spurs est1882 says:

    NO NO NO to Jose – shit football and only wins when he spends – if Levy wants to spend loads to win, give Poch a real chance.