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Marcus Edward Hits Micheal Jackson Levels Of Detachment
By Harry Hotspur -

This is Edward’s favourrite game for Excelsior. The clip starts just after after FC Emmen have gone ahead, 1-0. The play up until that point had largely been all Excelsior.

This game was referenced in Edward’s interview piece in the Telegraph with Jack Pitt-Brooke.

For those bizarrely still holding a candle for the lad…

For boy who has yet to achieve anything beyond the Messi comment that Pochettino later acknowledged was a mistake, he sure is full of himself.

“I think some people don’t understand me. I don’t know, I think maybe it’s the way I talk.”

“I think maybe it was a bit unfair. The whole situation that happened at Norwich, it already played onto what Pochettino said. Even though I was definitely a lot younger then, that’s when I was growing up. It was a big misunderstanding.”

These are Michael Jackson levels of detachment.

The truth is, Edwards signed a professional contract with THFC but his attitude during the process soured the entire situation and his career at Spurs stalled.

At Norwich, he couldn’t even be bothered to arrive for training on time.

The lad says he’s matured, but this feels like it’s what he knows he has to say in order to ‘explain’ his career flatlining.

For those quick to bleat in the 20 year old’s defense, any 16 yeat old who gets a pro contract at Spurs, who fails to then treat every day thereafter feeling humbled by it all, is a first rate fool.

With one year remaining on his Spurs deal, this interview was clearly designed to remind people he was alive and well, and not still somewhere between Diss and Norwich, with his phone switched off.

There’s no sense of contrition in the interview, perhaps that too is down to the way he talks, eh?

Happy moonwalking, Marcus.

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