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Lucas Moura’s A Pro Gun God Botherer

By The Boy -

You’d never know it was an Interlull. 

Lucas Moura is drawing gasps from professional gasp drawers as his Twitter account is actually an interesting read.

None of the usual guff about working hard and happy to be at the club for Moura.

He’s publicly backing Jair Bolsonaro for president in Brazil.

Bolsonaro for those unaware, is a well known right wing politician down South America way, who positions himself politically alongside Trump,  Geert Wilders and Marine Le Pen. Think pro life, pro gun and pro the Risen Jesus.


Thankfully for Cullen & Co., Christian Eriksen is on message, with some upbeat words to show he’s very much looking forward to the Liverpool game.

‘It’s great to have that form going into this weekend,’ Eriksen said after Denmark’s 2-0 win. ‘I’ve always had many shots, even in the Premier League, but I just haven’t scored yet.’

We’d all like to see some Danish demolition of Jurgen Klopp’s boys this weekend.

Mind you, we’d also like to see something come of our corners.



Elsewhere, born again drink driver Hugo Lloris has being branded ‘overrated’ by Chelsea’s goalkeeping coach Christophe Lollichon.

If my name was Lollichon, I keep a lower profile.





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