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Lucas Moura Player-Cam After Champions League Heroics Will Hit You Right In The Feels|Video
By Joe Fish -

Imagine being Lucas Moura at this very moment.

You’ve just scored a hat-trick to single-handedly drag your team to the Champions League final. It’s literally the stuff that dreams are made of.

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The camera doesn’t take its focus off the Brazilian for nearly four minutes after the final whistle. It’s four minutes I’m sure he will never forget.

The adulation from his teammates, fans and manager. Football is a team game, but everyone wants to be the guy who scores the winning goal, the guy who everyone runs to at full-time, the guy who everyone is watching.

You know what I feel watching this? Firstly joy, and then sympathy. Lucas was robbed of his right to start in the final. Poch owed it to the winger and he took it from him. But nobody can ever take away these four minutes.

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5 responses to “Lucas Moura Player-Cam After Champions League Heroics Will Hit You Right In The Feels|Video”

  1. East Stand says:

    Poch and the glory years with no home ground during that season. Build the new place and we’re 9th… it’s bloody hilarious! 😂

    Well it would be if it weren’t so sad.


    • Eddie says:

      What’s really sad is having got to the final,and you can see how much it meant to them,how could they be so flat for the biggest match of their lives.Poch shouldn’t have needed to get them up for that game,I wonder how much of an effect his decision not to start Moura really had with the players.And Liverpool were there for the taking that night.

      • PompeyYid says:

        My opinion, Poch made 2 mistakes/cock ups which both damaged the changing room, 1/ Dropping Moura for an injured/not fit Kane, 2/ Saying to the media prior to the final “I will leave if we win it” esp as Eddie says Liverpool were there for the taking.

      • CowSpurs says:

        You’re right. Liverpool were awful. There was a lot of bunnies looking in to the headlights that night for us. All our players would have known Kane wasn’t fit. He got beat to the header by VVD that led to the penalty. The fact the tone of the game didn’t change was disappointing, as though no one thought we were in with a chance. It was only one goal but maybe we needed it to be two or three so that we were shook in to playing.

      • East Stand says:

        I have to agree, as amazing a job Poch did I don’t really understand why Moura didn’t start regardless of Kane starting.

        I notice Liverpool fans are for a change less arrogant or full of self righteousness after that final than after any I can remember. They know they got away with it, as flat as we were we were the better side but couldn’t find the back of the net…