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‘…loses confidence if he doesn’t feel love around him’ So Over To You, Antonio

By The Boy -

Tottenham’s Premier League season once again is on the cusp of us being a side that’s either just about to snatch a top-four finish, or just failing to do so. At first glance that may sound a little trite, but the truth is, Spurs’ recent European exploits have all been very well deserved, but equally very last-minute affairs.

Perhaps when one appreciates how volatile the top tier of England’s football is, our situation is less concerning, however, Spurs are a top 10 Deloitte darling, which in shot-hand suggests we ought to be making a more compelling case when it comes to the level we get to play at.

Many big-name signings for the Lilywhites have abjectly failed, as evidenced by the £200 million plus value of players on the club’s loan books, but one player has enjoyed a slow but significant rejuvenation. Tottenham Hotspur assistant manager Cristian Stellini, when speaking about Emerson Royal specifically, told the press, “He has to show who he is. Sometimes this type of player loses confidence if he doesn’t feel love around him. We don’t have to stop to give him this, but let him understand the difference in the type of football.”

Effective coaching or the absence of it, has been a charge made against Conte. A coach should coach has been the line. Well, here is a great opportunity for Antonio Conte to show us why he is paid the big bucks, surely?

Personally, I would have never overpaid for Emerson in the first instance, but given how useful the boy seems to want to be, this is a proper coaching job.

So. Over to you, Antonio.




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