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To quote the Arsenal gaffer, “Good ebening!”

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  1. Cabspur says:

    Ben Davies seen with crutches and protective boot . Rose needs to sort his head out and seggy needs game time.

  2. Limerick AL. says:

    Jose got Spurs into the Last 16. Well done Mr Football .

  3. Legoverlassarisen says:

    Subs in the first half….. is that possible? is it allowed? I thought the genius coaching rule book says no subs until 75 mins? In game management is what you get with Jose and you have to love the passion on the touchline from all his team, not the morose sulking faces of Pooch and his three amigos.

  4. James McKevitt says:

    Any one remember the guy on here that used to come out with the outrageous ITK, haven’t heard from him in ages?

  5. Lord Croker says:

    Shell shocked the team were going 2 down. However pulling 1 back at the right time will lift them. Yes all aboutery and looking lost in the headlights. 45 mins to go. Still in it.

  6. daytripper says:

    5 minutes watching the Bayern tape and you realise Tanguy is an issue for Jose. He is an even worse defender than Winks – his natural position is #10. Where Dele is. The only other place you can play him (and Lo Celso) is left mid. Do you play them ahead of Dele and Sonny?

  7. daytripper says:

    I have a prediction that Jose is going to end up loving Eriksen.

    For an attacking midfielder, he is quietly a really hard working defender. This is something that Jose has criticised almost every attacking midfielder he has ever managed. I keep harping back to the second leg against City where he saved two goals in the second half by tracking runners and blocking certain goals. That was not a fluke, If you watch him when our opponents are counterattacking, he is always one of the first midfielders getting back to the box to defend.

    I personally think that Eriksen waivered on signing under Poch because 1) he hated playing the back of the diamond because he couldn’t influence matches from there and 2) he saw that Poch was tactically inept and not capable of winning anything big – I think at this point in his life, all Eriksen wants is to win trophies.

  8. David Dillenberg says:

    Thanks to some masterful successful tactical subs enormous relief allround!

  9. Tappaspur says:

    My man clasford Sterling MBE had some of his academy boys there. None were allowed to get their phone out😁 clasford don’t play! Very very firm but very very fair. No nonsense.

    • Tappaspur says:

      Any yout who misbehaves whether it be at home. School. Or at the broarwater farm academy gets dropped. Simple. Gwarn classy. Handle dem😁

  10. Tappaspur says:

    First half rubbish. Second half less rubbish. Good evening out though. Soon as we pulled one back I knew we’d win. José has much work to do. Lovely fans around me in the north stand. Its really starting to feel like home.

  11. Cabspur says:

    Is that 2 games where aurier has not made and clangers,,even played well??

  12. East Stand says:

    Well done Maureen with the tactical changes, that was good. The approach is very static though, that caused big problems in the first half. You keep asking yourself why they’re not closing the opposition down, it’s a reactive approach defensively.

  13. Lord Croker says:

    2nd half a different animal. The thing with Maureen is he doesn’t fak about. 2 nil down and he kicks into gear changing things around with subs. The gift goal eased tensions and set up a half time lecture to pull their fingers out. They did and won.

  14. paul says:

    ok now for the corbyn interview on catch up
    just to complete my evening

  15. James McKevitt says:

    Diers confidence won’t be good. Is he ever going to get back to his best.

  16. England Mike says:

    This team is already a different animal, well except for Rose.

  17. paul says:

    My deep concerns regarding H.Winks esq ever being good enough at this level remain as deep and as concerning as ever.

  18. paul says:

    played two, won two, last 16 of the CL

  19. This is what you pay for