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Listen: Poch’s Latest Interview swings from just a teensy bit ridiculous to delusional [opinion]
By Harry Hotspur -

Difficult to know where to start with this one. The Jake Humphrey Podcast claims to offer “…an intimate glimpse into the lives of high-achieving, world-class performers who have all excelled in their field“. I’ll give Jake the intimate bit – there’s a warmth to the conversation and it’s clear that Mauricio feels happy to unload.

What I’d dispute is that Pochettino either a high achiever or one that has excelled. Some may feel that to be harsh – but for the umpteenth time, Poch won nothing so far, during his spell in English football.

However, Mauricio talks like a winner, and for any fans still obsessing over the 47-year-old, the podcast is bound to warm their cockles.

There are numerous moments in this tape that was all too cringe-inducing. For example, Poch recounting in some detail, his arrival at Hotspur Way and shaking hands with everyone in the building – and the thinking behind this action. What it would tell him and his team about the staff and the chairman, and the message it would send about him and his team.

Make no mistake, much of this tape this is left-field territory for a football coach and IF, IF this was a coach that had won a wheelbarrow of silverware, it might be tolerable, but he hasn’t and it just sounds like a load of old toffee.

As for Poch’s thoughts on Champions League final, these remarks are essentially delusional. Spurs were not better than Liverpool. Spurs had plenty of possession but it is difficult to believe that anyone might misconstrue possession with domination. As for any decisions made by officials, I think these were the least of Tottenham’s worries on the night.

Indeed, looking for more meaningful observations on that evening, one cannot help but question Pochettino’s decision to drop Lucas Moura who was bang in form and to play Harry Kane instead, who was clearly not in form.

What concerns me most about Pochettino, is that he would appear to have learned little from his considerable time at Spurs and is still talking with an air of authority, which is ultimately undermined by his honours record.

Poch did well, but ultimately, he did not win, and that in professional sports is the metric. That is why he is yet to be credibly placed in the same bracket as great managers.

I wish Mauricio well, but with the caveat that he talks less and does more. I’d suggest his personal rebuild begins at a modest side prepared to embrace the good he brings, on the understanding that once he’d actually won something tangible, his ambitions would probably need to be matched somewhere higher up the footballing food chain.

Right now, our old gaffer is sounding just a teensy bit ridiculous.

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13 responses to “Listen: Poch’s Latest Interview swings from just a teensy bit ridiculous to delusional [opinion]”

  1. Legoverlassarisen says:

    Pooch was a patsy for Levy and was happy to do so as he sucked up the wedge from his contract whilst telling players the club were unable to pay market rates as they were in a different project. He spoke about the club being brave and needing additions then Levy offered him more money and he suddenly went quiet and spoke of how happy he was with the squad. When the players saw that there was no substance to the clubs ambitions Pooch lost their support and performances nosedived. Then as he became increasingly scrutinised for his lack of success he started to distance himself by saying he was just a coach and that he was basically not responsible for anything. His decision to drop Moura for the CL Final is a defining one for his career. Moura was on fire after scoring a hatrick and Kane was not fit. It was an unbelievably bad decision that cost us the match. Liverpool were there for the taking and he showed that he is not a winner at the highest level. How he is mentioned in the same breath as the worlds top coaches is still a mystery to me. He has never won anything of note……

  2. Daveyboi says:

    How anyone still has time for this serial failure after the steady stream of bull sh;t that flowed endlessly from him is beyond me.
    He is no feels like a winner, being brave in the transfer market meant building a stadium and buying no one, trophies are for egos, happy with squad but painful rebuild needed after the window shut, with or without him talk.
    The bloke was an oily fraud who lucked out that most of the top6 were incredibly poor while his team was settled and about to peak potential wise. Even then he came 3rd in a 2 horse race and lost out to a poor Chelsea the following season.
    Hopefully he finds a club like Utd that he’s been preening for and there he will be exposed for the 1 dimensional stubborn fool he is.

  3. England Mike says:

    He did a very good job overall, however if a team is capable of reaching major finals, semi finals and challenge for league titles, yet fail in each and every one, you have to question whether the coach/manager has the right credentials to be classed as a winner.

  4. East Stand says:

    What concerns me about Pochettino, is that he is no longer our manager and Mourinho is. 😂

    ENIC have no plan or sense of direction other than the one that follows spending as little as possible on the team but just enough keep the punters turning up…

  5. James McKevitt says:

    Ninety nine percent of managers in all sports are
    losers, ninety nine percent of all sports men and women are losers. All most all amateur sports people are losers. So what do you suggest, take your ball put it under your arm and go home.

    • Tappaspur says:

      Nope. Keep trying harder to win. Everyone has a ball nowa days.

    • East Stand says:

      ‘Winning’ in football is about winning football matches. Pochettino did lots of that with Spurs, however actually picking up trophies is generally down to how well backed the manager is. That’s a fact.

  6. Tappaspur says:

    Loser. End of.

    • Tappaspur says:

      Poch. Go Celtic to get some winning inside ya, then apply for your TOTTENHAM job back. But remember. Sacramento is here. 🌚

    • East Stand says:

      We won more matches with Poch than Jose, what does that make Jose?

      • Tappaspur says:

        Makes jose a manager that’s been here for less than 10% of the time and won the same amount of cups.

  7. Marbella Spur says:

    I thought that four CL qualifications and getting to the final was pretty good going, considering the ownership’s ambitions. If Levy had backed him as Fenway backed Klopp and Poch then continued to remain without winning anything, then I would have subscribed to the view that he was a failure, but under the circumstances, he did a very good job. After all, he did warn the board some time before the CL final, that the team needed a substantial overhaul, but he was completely ignored. What is so abhorrent to me is that if Spurs had put the right backroom staff together, revamped their scouting team and used some form of “black box” to analyse new targets performances, (Paul Mitchell anybody), then we would have be on the right trajectory. Unfortunately we have a micro managing cheapskate charlatan in charge.