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Levy’s Payment Plans Leave Spurs Looking Stuffed
By Harry Hotspur -

A source close to the club tells the Harry Hotspur blog that Christian Eriksen and Danny Rose are doing nothing to aid the cause at Spurs.

Daniel Levy has been doing his absolute upmost to wheel and deal for some considerable time, yet even this unrelentingly miserable blogger is finding it very difficult to entirely blame the THFC organ grinder on this occasion.

The suggestion is that Christian Eriksen has been wandering about for weeks as if the world owes him a living.

Meanwhile, Danny Rose is playing an equal if not more frustrating game, knowing that his appeal overseas is even less than the Dane’s.

The massive problem however, is that THFC are still offering payment plans to Betis and Juventus and others that are perceived as torturous.

It was Levy’s mission that sank football club earned money plus another £600million into a damn shopping centre. Nobody else’s.

I wish we’d stayed at The Lane, won stuff and then expanded. But then what would I know, I’m not a millennial.

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