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Levy’s offered one million pounds!

By The Boy -

According to today’s Mail Online, Daniel Levy’s idea of problem-solving is as predictable as it is weak. Antonio Conte has supposedly been offered another million pounds in order to sign on the line that dotted.

The Italian’s current contract expires gracelessly at the end of this season and Tottenham’s charge for all points north of fifth place is still very much on. I mean it’s been ably supported by points scooped up from deadbeat sides, but that’s the state of the division. We can’t do anything about that, but we can certainly pass comment on it when we see it.

Back to Tony and the question is, will that pat on the head be enough to swing it? Don’t forget this is the coach that walked out on Juventus and Inter Milan because he was concerned about their genuine commitment to improving. Equally, don’t underestimate the level Conte operates at. Like Mourinho, this is a well-travelled multimillionaire and not some schmuck, we’re dealing with here.

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