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Levy’s Offered Eriksen A Truly Great Deal
By Harry Hotspur -

Christian Eriksen is a man rowing a canoe with one oar.

Delve into the stats, and he remains a massive superhero. But fans rarely understand the intrinsic value of players such as the Dane. Michael Carrick and Luka Modrić both left Tottenham Hotspur Football Club to a mixed reception.

This is an extremely kind way of saying that thick fans do tend to pervade. Ask any of the thickos and you’ll routinely be told that neither player scored enough goals.

A source close to the club tells the Harry Hotspur Blog that the current offer from Levy & Co. is a 2-year deal, with a basic of £180,000 per week plus bonuses.

After a beyond diabolical European Cup final showing, the 27-year-old was perceived as being as toxic as Danny Rose in the last transfer window.

Despite the daftness of the circumstances and the penalty botch jobs, Eriksen has not been written off by Poch.

Sure, there have been frustrations, but the gaffer’s outlook is always remained the same in such matters. Commit/don’t commit. Either way, lets move on.

Levy’s not put a foot wrong here.

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