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Levy’s Latest Piece Of Penury Magic?

By The Boy -

Shuffling deckchairs on the Good Ship Austerity. 


Eric Dier was targeted for a good chewing out on social media after the England vs Spain game.

This is something that’s happened to him few times at Tottenham too; it’s as if sometimes the system doesn’t favour him or he kinda zones out.

The Sun believes that young Eric is Daniel Levy’s latest piece of penury magic – and the natural utility replacement for either Toby Alderweireld or Jan Vertonghen.

Mike McGrath commented, ‘Spurs have options on the Belgian pair but Alderweireld’s future in particular has been under scrutiny with no fresh deal agreed.’

Words to chill one’s mortal soul.

We’ve got two of the best men in the division; but retaining their services wouldn’t be as cost effective as doing a juggle and taking mending and making do to to level even beyond that of buying Fernando Llorente, seeing he was useless, yet keeping him on.

A back-line with Dier and Sanchez in it isn’t vaguely close to awful, but is it good enough to compete at the highest level?

Straightforwardly it isn’t.


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