Date: 8th May 2019 at 11:44am
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Of COURSE I’m always looking for ways to hit Levy over the head – he’s a a complete charlatan!

So many myths, so many lies, so much cheapskatery.

Where’s the Academy?

Oh here they are – except this is the Ajax side from the first leg of this Champions League semi final tie.

⚪️ Barcelona ⚪️ Own youth ⚪️ Own youth ⚪️ Manchester United (started in Ajax youth) ⚪️ Independiente ⚪️ NEC ⚪️ Own youth ⚪️ Willem II ⚪️ FC Twente ⚪️ Southampton ⚪️ São Paulo

Here’s the Spurs side that bungled at Bournemouth.

⚪️ Lyon ⚪️ Burnley ⚪️Atlético Madrid ⚪️Ajax ⚪️Leeds United ⚪️Ajax ⚪️ Newcastle United ⚪️ MK Dons ⚪️Sporting CP ⚪️ Bayer Leverkusen ⚪️ Paris Saint-Germain

Tottenham are blessed with a great Academy conveyor belt. Allegedly.

It’s never been true.

Harry Kane came through DESPITE Spurs and Harry Winks could well end up in the same file as Ryan Mason.

Ajax have 4 first team squad players that were genuinely home grown. A few days ago, they won a domestic cup.

Can you imagine how tight their crew is? How good the mood in the camp is?

No, you can’t, because you have become obsessed with making excuses for a perennial loser.

Ajax fans will arrive at the stadium tonight looking for more blood.

Spurs fans will arrive hoping not to get humiliated.