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Levy Tasked With Selling Some Unenviable Tickets Next Season
By Harry Hotspur -

Just 5 days into the 2020/21 season and Spurs will begin their treacherous ascent of the Europa League. Thanks to our friends from Woolwich winning the FA Cup for the 14th time, we will now embark upon a qualifier route of 3 games, which then lead to the start of tournament proper. Our journey commences on September the 17th with the 2nd Qualifier Round.

One the 24th of September is the play off for the 3rd Qualifier Round, and then all being well, the play-off for entry is on October the 1st.

All this is very definitely European football, but a far cry from the advertising fanfare that the club ran back in 2018 threatening supporters with ‘the only place to watch UEFA Champions League in London’.

This ill-advised campaign earned THFC a wrap over the knuckles from the advertising authority, who like many others predicted that the stadium build wouldn’t be completed in time.

A combination of ongoing Coronavirus concerns, plus opponents that few English fans might readily know, is likely to make ticket sales challenging, to put it mildly.

A billion pound stadium – we’re living the dream, eh?

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