Date: 3rd October 2018 at 10:10am
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Mauricio Pochettino has delivered his Barcelona pre match presser and revealed that 4 first team regulars will be absent not just for tonight’s Champions League game, but until after the forthcoming international break.

Christian Eriksen, Jan Vertonghen, Mousa Dembele, Serge Aurier and Michel Vorm are all unavailable.

The impact this decimation will have doesn’t need explaining to anyone, however what we are talking about here are consequences, not just bad luck or hard cheese.

Unless you are stupid, you will know that all football teams get injuries. It’s part and parcel (to quote Sadiq Khan) of playing football.

Like all matters that are ‘part and parcel’ of everyday life, by their very nature it’s their reoccurring nature that allows us to adopt strategies to ourselves. Think flood barriers, preventive medicine, er… suntan lotion.

Unless you’re Daniel Levy of course.┬áIf you’re Daniel Levy all of these routine challenges fall from the sky like lightening bolts from angry gods; only the offering of prayer after the event might ease the carnage.

We were the only football club in Europe’s top 5 leagues not to buy a single player, in the summer window.

‘Tottenham Hotspur’ will be a pub quiz answer in years to come.

Maybe we’ll beat Barca and this will all be soon forgotten. Which only serves to reiterate my view that IF we ever win anything again under ENIC it will be despite them.

Meanwhile, Levy pauses to metaphorically screw up yet another meeting slip.

Another punt he took with our money, that didn’t come in.