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Levy Rejects Marxist Deal
By Harry Hotspur -

The Tottenham Hotspur Supporter’s Trust have resurfaced on the wrong side of the u bend again, still bobbing up and down in their own liquid majesty. 

Their latest piece of self indulgence has been trying to coerce Champions League ticket discounts from Spurs. 

Tickets currently vary in price between £60 and £500+. Alongside our colleagues at Spirit of Shankly, we are asking our respective Clubs to ensure that no fan pays no more than £100 for a ticket. 

That would be a huge gesture, cementing the bond between the fans and the Clubs and showing that our support really is valued. 

We estimate that this would cost in the region of £1.3m. Tottenham Hotspur will earn £88m from this season’s Champions League run in TV revenue alone. We are asking for less than 1.5% of that total to help our fans.


How in the name of god do the brains of these doe-eyed Marxists actually work?! 

THFC has no control over third party pricing and there is absolutely no credible reason for Levy to artificially cap prices to the world’s most prestigious club competition. 

This daftness would cost our club somewhere in the region of £1.3million. 

To subsidise any access to the competition would be to undermine the entire tournament. 

The Trust are full of bad idea, but this peddled fantasy of supporters being some cloth capped factory worker struggling to make ends meet needs to be binned once and for all. 

The Trust have form for trying to get engineer an elite tier of fans acknowledged, and amusingly it is something that will never happen under Levy. 


With apologies to any genuine cretins reading.

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12 responses to “Levy Rejects Marxist Deal”

  1. Chirpysdaman says:

    The trust talking from a privileged position here there are people with no chance of going. I’m going and have a ticket and have no issue with the club regarding the price I have had to pay. I’m fortunate to get to see my club in the CL. The trust only want to argue things that benefit them. Why have they done nothing to stop points hoarding on season tickets causing it to be a closed shop. Why not fought for some away tickets to go to ballot. They are all for a system they benefit from. If the tickets are too expensive why dont they give their tickets to someone else. If you really feel your being mugged. Dont go. Dont protest something that you are prepared to go along with. Weakens the whole argument.

  2. gazza says:

    Shocking to see the actual figures. If it would cost Lewis & Co a lousy 1.3 million to lower the maximum ticket price to 100 quid — which is close to $200 on this side of the world — then the least they could do is cut them to, say, 50 quid, and even that is more than enough for most people. Fans must get in their faces, up close and nasty, and ask them the only important question: Do they owe their jobs and the very existence of Tottenham Hotspur FC to the fans, or not?

  3. Urbane Sturgeon says:


  4. Cabspur says:

    I agree his confidence has grown as the season has gone on without his strength ,fitness and basically pride we would have had nothing in the centre engine wise. Him coming on against ajax in the first leg sums it up. Still very limited but who care if he wins the ball back and always chases back.

  5. Brian Howes says:

    I agree with much that is said on this blog, both by you HH and those who respond. But on this occasion (and I can’t quite believe I’m saying this) I’m with the Trust. More than £500 face value for a ticket to ANYTHING is a disgrace. And yes, it would be a decent gesture to help fans cover costs. I’m trying to sort out a way of getting to Madrid that won’t cost me more than £1,500 – and that’s before a match ticket is considered (something I doubt I’ll get hold of). Now you can say ‘tough shit, if you can’t afford it you can’t go’. It’s become almost a cliche by now, but driving away fans through pricing leads to the type of tossers we’ve all seen on the many videos celebrating the opening of the shopping mall. Football is a rip-off, life in the UK is a rip-off… wanting something different, a tiny drop of fairness, doesn’t make you a Marxist

    • Steve KillerCushion Williams says:

      It is dear, but youre expecting levy to give away 1.3 million for free? Not happening… The reason prices are so high is because people are willing to pay that much. Supply and demand it is too.. If they were alot cheaper then everyone would want to go..

  6. Tappaspur says:

    I’d pay £1000 all in (ticket flight accommodation) no more. I know people paying 2k. £1k can’t even get you to a European final. Sad. What a night that’s gonna be though. Tottenham hotspur champions of Europe. I truly believe we gonna beat Liverpool.

    • Coogy says:

      I have caught myself dreaming of winning the final a couple of times since the Ajax game and it is very surreal.
      Sadly I am going to be watching the match with three Liverpool fans so if we win I have to be humble and tell them that they were unlucky and played well. If we lose I have to tell them they deserved it and it was amazing for me to see my team just get to the final.
      I am a very negative Spurs fan, after all the failures and embarrassments we have all endured over the years, so I really can’t comprehend what it would feel like to win it. I just think we are the more likely team to bottle it. I didn’t think we could get through against Man City and definitely didn’t think we’d be coming back like we did against Ajax so who knows. I truly hope I’m wrong but I just can’t picture us being the winners.

  7. paul says:

    Here’s a thought. Without Mousa Sissoko’s contribution this season i firmly believe we would have finished outside the top four and not made the CL final. Just let that sink in!
    Very possibly Spurs player of the season, yikes.

    • Spurs est1882 says:

      I am very vocal in my disdain for Sissy but i do have to agree. He still can’t play football with the ball but he is a beast and allows us to get it back when things go wrong. Sadly as soon as we have it we are at 10men.
      That said, is a fair shout for him.

      • paul says:

        Gotta say i think his forward movement is just as influential as his recoveries and in last two months his forward passing has come on leaps and bounds. I posted earlier that i only think we have 8-9 players in the whole squad that are worth a stuff, extraordinarily he’s one of them!