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? Levy Denies Ballooning Stadium Costs Of £1.2B

By The Boy -

Penny wise – pound foolish – the Hollywood Blockbuster


People’s brilliance is only measured by what they achieve.

Sounds like bad fortune cookie motto, but my point is, you don’t score points for doing nothing.

London Sadiq Khan is a great example in this respect, he rapidly became known as the mayor that likes to say ‘no’.

Did banning advertising on Transport For London that showed a woman with a ‘bikini body’ eradicate body female shaming in London? No of course it didn’t. Just as banning junk food advertising is only going to achieve an estimated £14million in revenue losses on the same network.


Daniel Levy’s claim to fame is that he’s never ‘done a Leeds’. 

These words could yet haunt him to his grave.

The Leeds United reference was essentially in respect of a timeline of disasters arguably spanning back to 2001 and the Woodgate/Bowyer court case.

A rot had set into the big club that had won the Division One league in 1992.

19 managers and 7 caretaker managers (remind you of anyone?) was ultimately rewarded with an Administration order in 2007, with debts totalling £35million.

Leeds are are back, curiously under Pochettino’s Yoda, Marcello Bielsa and currently perched atop the Championship table after 8 games of the season.


The Telegraph have revealed something rather chilling. 


“Sources within the construction industry claim Spurs face a bill in the region of £1.2bn to complete their new stadium because of delays and the fact chairman Daniel Levy did not negotiate a fixed-price deal with contractor Mace.”


This tallies with information previously published on this blog that was sneered at – that Mace refused to commit to penalty clauses because the job was too big and too complex.

Regular readers will note that there was an incident recently where Builder.co.uk published a piece that said Mace and or subcontractors were in line for heavy fines due to the failure to deliver the stadium on time.

This article was swiftly pulled, as was an aggregated report on the same piece in the Evening Standard the same morning.


The chances of the stadium coming in UNDER the billion pound mark as the build degenerated into the set of a Carry On film became remote.

If what the Telegraph say is correct, and it tallies with the pulled piece in Builder, then the project truly is in tatters.




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