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Levy Could Be Hit With Unexpected Bill

By The Boy -

Another day another repercussion of not having delivered the stadium you’ve already received your bonus for er… delivering.

The latest aggravation in Daniel Levy’s IN tray is a demand from Manchester City to compensate their fans, according to The Sun.

The scheduled Premier League game for October 28th has been moved to the 29th.

As ever the only people that ever suffer in such instances are the supporters.

Specifically in this instance, fans are face with a Sunday game now taking place in a work day, the Monday.

This request from City will be difficult to wriggle out of, without creating a fair degree of ill will.

Games get rescheduled every season, but very rarely is this at the behest of one of the sides involved.

City are looking for coach travel to be covered by Tottenham by way of appeasing the visiting fans for the inconvenience that will be caused.

Quite what the bill will come to is anyone’s guess, but what is guaranteed is that the beleaguered Levy is looking forward to something going right for him soon.

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