Date: 14th August 2018 at 7:54am
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Whilst it delights me that Levy’s gross ineptitude has gone box office, the repercussions are endless and without any joy.

The brand has been damaged – we look like we don’t know what we’re doing.

Primarily this is because we don’t know what we’re doing.

Levy who has endless form when it comes dithering, interfering and failing to deliver has turned a bad idea into a 3 Ring Circus.

Collossaly overdue and collosally over budget, the stadium is delayed with no guarantees that will even be functional before Christmas.

Fans will suffer the most.

Every single person who bought a Season Ticket or ‘Matchday Experience’ is now staring at the grim downgrading of their purchase to another wretched schlep to Wembley.

I genuinely believe that Levy has not one iota of awareness here. Wembley was only ever indulged by fans because of the enormous goodwill within the fan base.

That goodwill has not so much been systematically eroded as stamped on, water boarded and thrown half dead into a rusted skip.

Fans will have bought flight tickets, booked trains and time off work. The FA will be scrutinising their position as will UEFA.

The NFL must be regretting having ever taken that first call.

Mace will have interesting tales to tell and the Bald Nutter better hope in the mayhem of the man hours that his non disclosure agreements are still worth a damn.

We’ve already had a bloke jumping off the roof and complaints submitted about work schedules.

God only knows how much money has been set fire to by a madman trying to achieve the impossible.

What advice did Levy get? Well let me share this with you, whatever it was he summarily ignored it. A child could have looked at a model of the final design and spotted it looked like a toilet seat. Do you really believe that nobody mentioned that before I did last week?

Cullen & Co will be scrambling and after such a long campaign on this depressing job fatigue will tempting a good many to reevaluate their life goals.

The jam tomorrow cobblers has been poisoning the football for two decades and it’s no coincidence that the same dishonest, inauthentic, and ultimately grubby touch has been applied to the ‘redevelopment’.

This entire business reminds me of the way people view the NHS.

‘Envy of The World’ the patriots will tell anyone who asks. ‘Envy of the Third World’ you will be told by those that have to actually work there.

No wonder there are no Naming Rights.

Quite how Levy survives this monumental balls up is beyond me.

More to follow… 

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