Date: 25th January 2019 at 8:50am
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A massive problem with working for THFC under Levy, is that the media handling is a very weird hybrid between an East Berlin travel agency and Walt Disney.

‘the future’ he says…

Poor old Ledders is such a genuinely naïve chap, it hurts. After games like last night it positively stings.

Perhaps this explains who the THFC machine believes to be their demographic. People with the world view of a 10 year old.

Replies were in the main measured; no normal person has the heart to clout a bunny rabbit with a baseball bat.

The tide is turning.

What has been mooted in here since AVB quit, has suddenly become a mainstream opinion.

The propagandist guano about returning to the dark old days of Scholar and Sugar (were we won stuff, but normally is conveniently airbrushed from the mumbling) simply doesn’t cut it. People aren’t that stupid.

Reasonable investment.

That’s a chilling request. Like a prisoner asking for reasonable levels of food and hygiene.


The poor guy received countless replies all making the same point.

By the time this gargantuan debt is cleared and ENIC are prepared to throw a pennies back into the football side of the business, many current players will be retired or enjoying foot-rubs in Chinese knocking shops.

The Levyologists are mumbling their stupid excuses to themselves.

I’ve never seen Social Media bustling with so much common sense.

ENIC might have stood a better chance of getting away with it, had the stadium build not been an unmitigated shambles.