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[Leaked Image] Surely Levy Must Have Known

By The Boy -

At the risk of repeating myself for the bazilyionth time, I’d be more positive about this fiasco had it at least be conducted in transparent manner, which it was not.

So instead of me publishing this photograph and saying, ‘Won’t the Beavertown Micro Brewery look great?!’ I’m left questioning how ENIC had the front to suggest that this build was going to be even vaguely close to completion when they said it would.

Seriously, how dumb wold you have to be to put this on Mace or their subcontractors?

I don’t believe Mace will be legally challenged here.

The scale of this mess is simply far too big to blame on the firm(s) doing the build/fit.

Lunatic apologists will argue that now there is not so much of a rush.

Normal people will look at this picture and see the truth.

This arena was never going to be open in time for the Liverpool game – not a chance.

There was more chance of Gazza coming on last night for England.



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