Date: 20th June 2019 at 3:06pm
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Here she is folks. The only thing missing is Del Trotter with his arm around the shirt saying, ‘Chin up, Mr Chin’.

This beautiful garment effortlessly captures the look of recycled net curtains from an old people’s home. The contrast print is in a tonal shade of cold builder’s tea.

This shirt hit the stores this week in Indonesia, and the only alarming element to the picture is the news that Crocs are still being openly sold in some parts of the world.

This image also surfaced in the last day or two and I think we can safely say this is fake.

The crest was said to be a nod to protecting the cockerel on the ball while Tottenham were technically homeless during the demolition of White Hart Lane and the building of the shopping centre.

The pattern itself looks like a 3D printer that went on the fritz while making a big Lego type thing.