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Latest Levy Charm Offensive

By The Boy -

Collateral damage is something that happens to other people – if you’re Daniel Levy. 


The rescheduling of Spur’s ‘home’ game against Manchester City on the 28th of October was prompted by Wembley Stadium being unable to facilitate until the 29th.

Let’s just pause for a moment here and be absolutely clear, this inconvenience to Man City fans was not a problem caused by Wembley, it was a problem caused squarely by ENIC.

Originally it was reported that Tottenham would be approached and encouraged to make a part of whole compensation City fans who would be out of pocket because of the change.


An Etihad source said: “The conversations with Tottenham didn’t go anywhere so we decided to go ahead and make plans. We wanted to do the right thing by our fans.”

Ironically, this quote could be used by any club who had attempted to do business with Levy during any transfer window.


Anyone who has been monitoring Levy’s interaction with his own club’s supporters will be more than aware of the distain that routinely exists.

Right now, those fans that were sold season tickets for the brave new world at the New Destination™ are looking at perhaps as long as another 4 months of games at the rather depressing Wembley; speaking to a friend of mine yesterday, Membership packs either haven’t been sent out yet, or are lost in the post.




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