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Latest HH Video [Chas Hodges Edition]

By The Boy -

There’s more of Chas in this one than there is of me and rightly so. 

Chas and Dave were will always be regarded as phenomenon; one that had far greater worth than perhaps initially met the ear.

Authentic is a word I feel like I occasionally overuse, but it’s never without good reason because championing truly genuine people should never be reigned in, especially when they are in such short supply these days.

Chas Hodges and Dave Peacock were ? the real deal and their legacy is a much loved songbook of warmth, extraordinary talent plus a big bite of that old stuff called reality that few ever match.

For my generation Chas & Dave were a weird one – because theirs was the music that our parents also liked.

Apologies for the waffle in the middle, I tried to keep it brief.



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