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Kudos To José For Fielding A Strong Side
By Harry Hotspur -

Famous last words R us.

Mourinho understands football and he understands football fans. The meaning of silverware – even the commercially devalued domestic cups – can count for a lot, especially when your side is not quite firing on all cylinders.

This afternoon’s XI sees Gazzaniga, Aurier, Dier, Alderweireld, Vertonghen (C), Sessegnon, Winks, Eriksen, Lucas, Dele, Son all start. It ought to be mentioned here that it might be of note that the gaffer has handed Jan Vertonghen the captaincy.

Fans of my generation still value domestic cups, we were brought up on them (for a while), and whilst they don’t pay the bills quite as aggressively as winning the Premier League of the Champions League, the shivers down our spines don’t really care about that.

Parrott, Skipp and Tananga are on the bench and will surely be introduced when Jose feels the time is right, and not before.

Kick-off is scheduled for 14:01hrs and the game is live on BT Sport – who unlike Amazon Prime – broadcast in real time!

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157 responses to “Kudos To José For Fielding A Strong Side”

  1. East Stand says:

    More garbage served up by the ‘serial winner’. If Jose got us winning etc I’d get into it, just ain’t happening though.

    Jose looked like a busted flush at Utd, he’s got a shot at redemption with Spurs but it looks to be slipping away already.

    The game has moved on, Klopp, Pep, Poch are the new breed. You can’t teach an old dog new tricks, Jose won’t last…

  2. JimmyGrievance says:

    Jose picks a strong lineup….. he must be shaking his head at the dross he has to pick from…… easiest £15 million he’ll make when he’s sacked

  3. Sid Trotter says:

    And Mourinho WAS a winner

  4. Lilywhite without the II says:

    We always go 1-0 down..its what we do..

  5. Eddie says:

    Lack of comments tells you all you need to know about this match.Eriksen is continuing his rich vein of form though.What was that last freekick about?
    Why won’t Sessegnon take his man on?

  6. Limerick AL. says:

    Talk of Liverpool expanding Anfield ? They should just demolish it and build a Super Stadium, thats what Winners do .

  7. East Stand says:

    At least Moura isn’t moaning anymore, that’s about all that’s improved…

  8. David Dillenberg says:

    Following this dour turgid staff lacklustre FA Cup uninspiring display I am looking forward to playing Liverpool on Saturday. Am I hec! Much too slow, pedestrian and cumbersome.


  9. East Stand says:

    Jose out, ENIC OUT!

  10. Dial M For Middlesbrough is on the TV. It must be a repeat.

  11. Spurs est1882 says:

    Thank God we sacked a manger that most of liked that should have been backed for this “winner”. It’s been a while since we had one so perhaps I simply don’t remember what winning is.

    • Poch was awful. Relegation beckoned. You’ll need to drastically improve this re-write.

      • East Stand says:

        Honestly, have we improved at all under Jose since the 5 game honeymoon was over? The last three games we’ve looked just as bad as Poch got this season, the attack is drying up and we can’t defend either.

        We are fooked…

      • Spurs est1882 says:

        Was awful? You mean the whole time or just the end? The week before he was sacked you were saying he was one of the best managers we ever had.

      • Spurs est1882 says:

        I would add. For to believe Jose is not just an over paid has been, short term I want to hear that he agrees this squad needs heavy investment and openly slating specific players (we know who they are). Then actually show improvements in attitude and fundementals in the pitch, Middle term (1-2 seasons) win a cup, longer term win the league or CL.

      • Andy says:

        JM certainly has resurrected Jan, Toby and Dier, sorted out the doe eyed Dane by starting him, made light of Kane’s injury absence as Poch did last season. And a player you blasted as being second rate when signed is now scoring for fun… a very happy Moura. So the serial winner is on track I guess.

    • Under Poch we would have lost to Boro and just through Poch’s disinterest in the competition.

      • Andy says:

        Poch was not disinterested in the competition, he was realistic with his squad and the need to be in the CL on a regular basis to attract players, generate money and keep players fit. Your hero, the former weird bald one, now Daniel offered JM a 2mill bonus for CL qualification, nothing extra for any Cup.

        • You’re living in denial – Poch’s track record speaks for itself. I would wager that even Sherwood would have been more successful re trophies had he been given the chance, and I am no fan of Levy.

          • Andy says:

            I would say that you are in denial By any fair minded assessment Poch had an admirable record for Spurs with 4 CL finishes whilst being under resourced right through his tenure. Developed many players to go and play for England who didn’t appear to be capable. Attracted players who wanted to come to Spurs to play for him eg Lo C and Sess.
            Being challenged to make a fair minded assessment you come up with Sherwood! Even Tim would be embarrassed.
            As a supporter you’ve never had it so good since El Tel or Burkinshaw.

  12. Limerick AL. says:

    The Smart money is on Everton today Boys !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Put your House on it .

  13. Cabspur says:

    Is there anything to be positive for the this season or the Enic future?? im mean my misses has her ups and downs but at least she has mastered sloppy Bj’s .FFS

  14. East Stand says:

    Kudos to Jose for not winning. Again…

  15. Lilywhite without the II says:

    Do we have a logo this year? “Let us Rise” to…”xxxx”?

  16. Lilywhite without the II says:

    Son was poor….Dele wasn’t much better…I’m loving this new Project…whats this one called?

  17. ronan1882 says:

    Johnny Woodgate now joins the list of coaches to have nullified us. A guy whose nickname at Leeds was ‘village’..

  18. Cabspur says:

    I expect nothing from this club from a long time ,my mortgage ends in 4 years the enic mortgage will go on for ever it seems.
    Not much fun being a yid at the moment.

  19. Eleventstonedidiots says:

    Son and Ali have been useless today. There may be hope yet for Dier in a back 3..

  20. James McKevitt says:

    Could have been worse.

  21. Cabspur says:

    oh sonny better pass pls…..

  22. Tappaspur says:

    Come on you replay I mean spurs

  23. James McKevitt says:

    Boro deserve a replay.

  24. James McKevitt says:

    Quality, lack of.

  25. Tappaspur says:

    Serge😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 not funny!

  26. Cabspur says:

    auria !!! ooh….

  27. Paul Terry says:

    Another awful set piece from Eriksen..

  28. Cabspur says:

    been watching bits as at work and had to actually do some stuff… Seems we have found our level ‘the championship’.

  29. Sid Trotter says:

    Eriksen beat the first man!!!!!!!!

  30. Lilywhite without the II says:

    Can someone tell Moura to buy some studs…

  31. Sid Trotter says:

    It’s like we have the players, but not the team

  32. James McKevitt says:

    What about having Aurier playing as a winger and forget the defending, which he has.

  33. Eleventstonedidiots says:

    LoCelso has opened things up a bit and Lamela is looking for the pass forward

  34. Eddie says:

    Why didn’t Lo Celso start?He’s done more in 15 minutes than Eriksen and Dele combined.Why would he want to stay with us though?

  35. Urbane Sturgeon says:

    Best cross from a Spud for about 3 matches.


  36. Lilywhite without the II says:

    Penalties then………………..

  37. Paul Terry says:

    Subs make the difference again. Definitely something that Mourinho brings to the table over Poch – making relevant changes at the right time not on 80 minutes!

  38. James McKevitt says:

    Perfect Aurier cross.

  39. Lord Croker says:

    What a difference a change makes.

  40. Eleventstonedidiots says:

    Bit of quality finally

  41. Eddie says:

    What does Lo Celso think he is doing,passing to his own teammates?

  42. Tappaspur says:


  43. Lilywhite without the II says:

    Good play by Le Celso..

  44. James McKevitt says:

    Never in doubt.

  45. James McKevitt says:

    Just when you thought it couldn’t get any worse.

  46. Sid Trotter says:

    Bring on the Parrot

  47. Eddie says:

    Well at least he has tightened our defence up.Dier’s famous pointing finger was playing him on.

  48. Urbane Sturgeon says:

    VAR anyone?

  49. Spurs est1882 says:

    Gone from going out of my way to watch every game to simply deciding today to catch it on match of the day as we are so dull to watch now.

  50. Limerick AL. says:

    take off Dier , and don’t bother putting anyone on .

  51. Urbane Sturgeon says:

    I think Sess is having a very decent defensive game. ‘Convincing’ would be another description.

  52. Winning Mentality says:

    Old habits die hard! Jose has his work cut out with this team that he inherited. Now let’s go into the 2nd half and blow them away!

  53. Eleventstonedidiots says:

    Can we sign Robbie Keane at HT?

  54. Jenas calls Sess “unconvincing” hahahaha

  55. Lilywhite without the II says:

    Sess bottled the chance to score which is a shame…even Son looks lost..

  56. Lilywhite without the II says:

    its almost pointless getting further in this…can anyone see us beating City, as they will want this along with Chelsea and Man U…

  57. Legoverlassarisen says:

    Watching paint dry is more exciting…. backwards, sideways, backwards, sideways…

  58. Lilywhite without the II says:

    Actually, I think Eriksen has been our best player, the only one that can pass the ball forward…no wonder Jose is pissed off as he knows he’s going….45mins, no shots on target…..for once we have a manager that wants to win it, but the worst team since our last worst team…

  59. Death by 1000 paper cuts. Or 3rd round cup football, to give it its full name

  60. Panama Paul says:

    Dele’s picked up a yellow. Text commentary didn’t say why. What’s the story?

  61. Paul Terry says:

    Not exciting so far but at least we are passing much better and winning the ball back quickly when we lose it. Better overall…I see the ref is not really stopping that lot kick 7 shades of… out of us….

  62. Sid Trotter says:

    We’re still in this

  63. Vertonghen is slo……….w

  64. Now we’re encamped in their half. At this rate we should score around about Easter…

  65. Sid Trotter says:

    Would like Tanganga to get a half

  66. Have we got out our own half, yet ☺️

  67. Logging in to Disqus is tough 🤕

  68. PlayItAgainSamways says:

    I like a starting 11 with Dier, Jan and Toby. Gives us the option to play 3 at the back with Sess’ and Serge as wingbacks.

    Could do.