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Jürgen Klopp is relieved that Manchester City missed out on Harry Kane
By Eddie Razo -

This past summer, Tottenham Hotspur forward Harry Kane saw his name connected to a possible move to Manchester City. Various reports revealed how much Pep Guardiola’s side was willing to offer the 28-year-old; however, a move never materialized. 

One person that is happy not to see Kane join Manchester City is Liverpool manager Jürgen Klopp. The 54-year-old spoke to the media, where Mirror relayed his comments about the relief he felt. 

“I know they didn’t score 500 goals, and the world is talking about how they need a No.9. Yeah, imagine if they had a No.9 on top of that! It’s a luxury problem; let me say it like this,” Klopp said. 

“It was like that last year, and then Ilkay Gundogan arrived like 500 times in the box and scored from close range. So we thought, OK, how is that possible? If in football it would be that easy – mark the No.9, and he cannot score – that would be really great!”

Manchester City’s only issue on their squad is that they need a striker that can replace Sergio Agüero and be an upgrade over Gabriel Jesus, which is why they were hoping to land Kane this summer. 

Nonetheless, Tottenham stuck to its price of wanting £150-million for Kane, and it was a price that Manchester City wasn’t willing to pay. Now that the saga is over, plenty of pundits, media members, and supporters are discussing whether it was the right move or not by chairman Daniel Levy. 

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1 month ago

Klopp may be happy that the transfer didn’t happen, although you have to ask is he really bothered? Nuno? Not so sure. Despite all the “correct” noises coming from our under pressure manager is he really happy to have such a big mess of a squad to play with? Kane is but one piece of an overall toxic puzzle imo.

East Stand
East Stand
1 month ago

If Levy had intended to not let Kane go but undertake an impressive transfer program that would have made us competitive again then I would have understood it. However, keeping him on when he’s unsettled and not improving the team makes no sense at all.

His value will creep down with every passing month that his numbers get worse and he gets older and further into his contract. Transfer ‘mastermind’ my *rse!

Penny wise and pound foolish, yet again…

Last edited 1 month ago by Easty
1 month ago
Reply to  East Stand

The guy’s living in a parallel universe….cause he certainly ain’t on this planet!!

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