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Jurgen Klinsmann weighs in with who he would love to see at Tottenham
By Bruce Grove -

Jurgen Klinsmann has urged Gareth Bale to return to Tottenham where he enjoyed his football instead of wasting away at Real Madrid.

The Welshman made a name for himself as a player of the Lilywhites before earning a record-breaking move to Real Madrid in the summer of 2013.

He has played an important role in Real Madrid winning multiple Champions League titles, but he has never managed to win over Zinedine Zidane.

This despite the fact that he was responsible for scoring the winning goals in the 2018 Champions League final off the bench against Liverpool.

Zidane has made it clear that he can leave, however, after seeing his big-money move to China blocked last summer, the Welshman is now determined to see out his current contract with the Spaniards.

Klinsmann, however, thinks that he is too good to be wasting away and that he should overlook the money and move back to Spurs where fans will be eager to see him in action weekly.

The former Spurs striker told TalkSport “Time goes by so fast as a player and you cannot waste it. This is the worst punishment for a player to be on the bench.

“The most important thing for every player is to be on the field and to play. When this doesn’t work out, sooner or later you have to come to a conclusion and consider a move.

“There is a point in time when you become a professional player when you would like to earn a decent amount of money that you can put on the side to feel a bit more safe, but once that goal is achieved there is only one other thing that matters – playing and scoring goals and building your playing record.

“You want to leave the game one day in your 30s and say ‘OK, look at my career there, I managed to score in X amount of teams and X amount of goals in different competitions’.

“Money doesn’t matter anymore. Money has no influence on that decision right now that Gareth has to make, but there are personal elements to it. There is family and lifestyle things to consider.

“A player like him, we would like to admire him week in, week out on the television. As a Tottenham fan, I would love him to come back to Spurs.”

Klinsmann is right in what he has said, however, there remains almost no chance that Bale will return to Tottenham and all the wishful thinking in the world will not change that.

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James McKevitt
James McKevitt
1 year ago

Better paid than Messi.

1 year ago

The Bale debate always raises its head every transfer window. Sadly he is exactly the sort of player that the club needs to add some world class glitter and inspire the fans. It would galvanise interest in the club from all over the world and Bale is the type of player that should be playing at the new stadium not Callum Wilson ffs. The problem is even if Bale wanted to I suspect his agent would somehow block the move as he clearly holds no affection for little Levy and Uncle Joe as owners.

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