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Jose Mourinho’s quotes on FA Cup show he sees it very differently to Poch
By Rob S -

Jose Mourinho won the FA Cup and three League Cups as Chelsea manager. He also lifted the latter as Manchester United boss.

And it is refreshing to see that he still seems to have an appetite to challenge for what many now consider take-it-or-leave-it silverware.

Our former leader, Mauricio Pochettino, frequently undermined the domestic cups – both with his words and team selection.

The direct financial rewards for winning the FA or Carabao Cup are teeny compared to simply qualifying for the Champions League. And Poch was clearly influenced by this. He told The Guardian last January: “To win the Carabao Cup and be in the middle of the Premier League table… I think I would be sacked a few years ago – with two or three Carabao Cups or FA Cups.

“If you don’t finish how we have finished [in the league] in the last three seasons but win the FA Cup, I don’t know if Daniel Levy would have too much patience with me or is nice to say: ‘OK, you’re 10th in the Premier League, I’ll give you a new contract.’

“My ambition is to win the Champions League with Tottenham or the Premier League. That’s what puts you in a different level.”

Mourinho had already shown a willingness to progress by naming his big hitters against Middlesbrough in round three.

He did the same on Saturday at Southampton, where a 1-1 draw set-up a replay. Although he admitted an extra game was far from ideal, Mourinho made it clear that he is taking the FA Cup seriously and that it’s better to have a congested fixture list than be dumped out.

BBC Sport quoted Mourinho as saying: “Our fantastic fans that came here today, plus the other 50,00 that will go to the match at home, will be happy we have one more match. We are going on that difficult way! We are working.

“We don’t need one more match but we have it so we are going to fix it. This is the way it is. It’s better to draw than to be out. We have a match at home which is difficult of course, but better than losing.”

In-form Southampton also deployed their first team and Mourinho added: “They did exactly the same. They chose their best team and played at the maximum strength which is the way to respect the competition.

“We don’t need one more match but we have to play. Both of us prefer to have the next match then not have it. The desire to do it [win the cup] is the same for everyone. I believe that in the next round it will be a massive number of Premier League teams.”

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19 responses to “Jose Mourinho’s quotes on FA Cup show he sees it very differently to Poch”

  1. Lilywhite without the II says:

    Lets wait for “Poch 2 – The Aftermath” book shall we..my view is he definitely had his flaws and towards the end lost the squad, but I bet he was told top 4 is all that matters and because he never had much money to spend the squad was always too small to compete in all cups so his focus was clear…once he achieved his demanded goal we then had “we completed one project, now lets start a new one” but that backing never come so it was cheaper for the board to sack him…i’m not saying he would of been a winner if backed but he was never really given the chance…Poch gave us Le Celso so lets be grateful for that in our time of mourning…

  2. JimmyGrievance says:

    Lost respect for el Poch when he decided domestic trophies were worthless. Tell that to any fan on cup final day walking down Wembley way.

    Perennial loser in my opinion

  3. East Stand says:

    “My ambition is to win the Champions League with Tottenham or the Premier League. That’s what puts you in a different level.”

    Who can disagree with that comment?

    • Lord Croker says:

      He didn’t. Went close but failed. I don’t disagree with his statement but its weak. Winning puts you in a different level based on ambitions. Poch won fak all.

      • East Stand says:

        I honestly don’t feel that either domestic cup is particularly prestigious anymore in the eyes of the footballing world.

        To be getting into the deeper stages of the Champions League and not even winning it has more cachet these days.

        • Andy says:

          Do you mean cachet or cash? I’ll speak on behalf of Daniel and say cash is the key! Follow the money.

          • East Stand says:

            Of course it’s about money. It still amazes me how many fans seem to think these things are the decisions of the head coach. Especially under a chairman like Levy.

            They will meet and discuss what their objectives are, ‘he who pays the piper, calls the tune’ I think you’ll find.

            I believe that Levy wants a domestic cup if possible as some window dressing to make the post-Poch shambles look less shambolic. However don’t be fooled, Jose has also been told that top 4 is the number one priority…

    • Andy says:

      People who didn’t like Poch’s football and don’t bother understanding the Levy factor?

    • Limerick AL. says:

      Comment are just that . Comments . When it came to the crunch Botch was a Loser .

      • East Stand says:

        He didn’t lose anything, he didn’t win either of the two domestic tin pots nobody gives a fack about anymore.

        What are you comparing him to, what is relative success at Spurs? A League Cup would have made him a ‘winner’ would it?

        Highest ever Premier League placing, constantly top 4 all against the Levy backdrop of;

        17th net spend over five seasons and spending 70m a year less than Ar5ena1 on wages.

        If you consider these FACTS, Poch won us league and European status way beyond Baldy’s budget should have stretched. Poch had nothing to lose…

        • Limerick AL. says:

          Yes, he did make money for ENIC. He won NOTHING 😅

          • East Stand says:

            So being in the Champions League consistently for the first time in our history counts for nothing? You’d prefer to win the League Cup we’d finally be labeled ‘winners’ would we?

            Winners of irrelevant pony or competing in something relevant? I know what I’d prefer, regardless of Levy etc to be involved in the upper echelons of the game. The domestic cups are for losers these days, wooden spoons and nothing more than a nice day out…

  4. East Stand says:

    Now we’re in the new gaff the priorities have changed. Talking to a Gooner today, they won big stuff at Highbury, since then it’s been the odd cup.

    We weren’t even winning big stuff before we moved…