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Jose Mourinho explains his funny social media posts
By Bruce Grove -

Jose Mourinho isn’t really seen as a fun character, he does seem a little sullen most of the time, well, up to now that is.

The Portuguese manager is more famous for his direct approach to things and his hold no prisoners way of working with players and club owners.

These characteristics have made him the enemy of some, and he is the last manager that one looks to as a fun manager.

However, the Portuguese boss has recently begun to make a name for himself on social media.

He uses his Instagram account to post images with funny captions that have cracked some fans up.

When he made his first humourous post, fans may have thought that was a one-off, but it has become even more constant and the Portuguese is now developing a following for himself.

He was asked recently if he was in charge of the social media posts on his page as it seems out of character, he said he was, going on to explain some of the posts.

Asked by BBC’s MOTDx host and former Tottenham midfielder Jermaine Jenas if he was solely responsible for the account, Mourinho replied: “Yes, of course.

“I don’t accept that it’s totally in the hands of my people. I also need to put my salt and pepper on it. That’s obvious.

“The phone one after the Burnley game, it just brings me back to my beginning as an assistant coach where my boss, Louis van Gaal, was telling me, ‘I don’t want players on their phones’.

“Twenty years later, we are in a situation where after the game every player is [on their phone], it’s normal that they are and I’m also [on it] too.

“As coaches, we last more than players so we get different generations of players.

“One of our qualities has to be to adapt to them and adapt to the new times. So it was a funny post!”

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1 month ago

I F-ing love Jose. He hasnt peaked.