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Jose Delight At Poch Pressure

By The Boy -

Mauricio’s confusing analogy about cows saw the beleaguered Argentine being compared to unfavourably with Eric Cantona – famous for his seagulls and trawler fable – and The Special One himself, who also recently barked about respect in a press conference.


Neil Ashton in The Sun highlights how the turmoil at Tottenham has pleased this season’s Manchester United boss:

“Jose Mourinho, for one, is milking it, mischievously telling a TV crew after Manchester United’s 2-1 victory at Watford last Saturday it was time to turn the screw a little bit on Spurs. Smirking throughout, he said: “Tottenham have had two straight losses. If the treatment is fair and equal, we will be left alone and now others can be annoyed.”


It’s looking increasingly like Spurs nicked their 0-3 win at Old Trafford and there is now a fragility to the club that cannot be viewed in isolation to the disruption surrounding the delayed completion of the new stadium.

Pochettino recently told the press: “We are not realistic contenders in any single competition, that is my view”, which whilst refreshingly blunt is more the type of comment one might expect to hear from a manager at Burnley or Huddersfield.

More to the point, this an extremely hostile remark from the manager of a club charging fans some of the highest prices in the division.



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