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Jamie Carragher shares who will win the final spot in race for top-four

By Eddie Razo -

Tottenham Hotspur is among five clubs fighting for fourth place and the final spot for UEFA Champions League football. As of right now, Manchester United holds the fourth spot, but clubs will continue to flip flop.

During a segment on Sky Sports (via Mirror), pundit Jamie Carragher provided his thoughts regarding the face for that final top-four spot. 

The former Liverpool player believes Arsenal’s games in hand and their lack of European football could mean they’re in the best position o snatch the fourth position.

“I think it will be tough for West Ham to get in the top four,” Carragher said. “Arsenal, what a win that was for them away to Wolves. The games in hand, no European football. You think about how long Manchester United will be in the Champions League; that could play a part.”

“It feels like it will go to the wire. I think it will go all the way to the end. Arsenal, do they have enough forwards? Spurs look to be in trouble. Right now, I’d think you’d take them out of it. Wolves look [like] a really good team.”

Arsenal is hosting a struggling Brentford side this weekend before facing Bruno Lage’s dangerous Wolverhampton Wanderers side again. Manchester United is coming off a win over Brighton & Hove Albion, and West Ham United faces a Newcastle United who’s hoping to stay out of the relegation zone. 

Meanwhile, Tottenham Hotspur has the most challenging task this weekend when they travel on the road to face Manchester City, who have scored nine goals in their last two games against Norwich City and Sporting CP. 

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Archibald&Crooks (SnideChump)
Archibald&Crooks (SnideChump)
2 years ago

As we stand and things change with every game:- Goons then Manure and us & W Ham to fight it out for 6th

2 years ago

I can share with you that Spurs won’t be one of those teams.

end broadcast …

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