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“I’ve never seen that before” Pundit reacts to Tottenham dugout arrangement amidst reported player unrest
By Bruce Grove -

Alan Hutton agrees that Fabio Paratici and Steve Hitchen are sitting too close to the Tottenham players during home matches, amidst reports that the players don’t like their actions on match days.

Paratici was made the Tottenham football director this summer after his successful stint at Juventus.

The football executive is one of the best in Europe at what he does and he has helped Tottenham to make some impressive signings in this summer’s transfer window.

However, the latest sitting arrangement at the Tottenham stadium for home matches puts him and Hitchen very close to the players.

The Sun reported earlier that Tottenham players don’t enjoy their sitting positions as well as their behaviour during matches.

This is reportedly causing growing unrest in the camp and Hutton says he has never seen such an arrangement before.

He also added that if he was a Tottenham player, he would definitely feel some type of way regarding that.

“That’s a strange one – I’ve never seen that before,” he told Football Insider.

“You don’t see Daniel Levy down there sitting next to the manager.

“I know the manager and the director of football have to have a good working relationship, but when it comes to game day and matters on the field – it’s all about the manager and the players.

“I don’t think the director of football has to be anywhere near that.

“He’s done his job with the recruitment; he doesn’t have to be down there.

“If I was sitting there and the director of football was sat next to me – that would feel a little bit strange.

“I’d like to think that as we return to some sort of normality, that would change.”

“I can see why the players think it’s a bit ‘different’ – should we say?”

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England Mike
England Mike
1 month ago

Made the point before, I don’t like this at all, get on with your own job and don’t interfere.

East Stand
East Stand
1 month ago

Storm in a teacup, player unrest just because of this?

Media making up porky pies as usual….trying to make the two of them to be some kind of meddling Tweedle Dum and Tweedle Dee. Nonsense.

1 month ago

If I was. Nuno I’d tell him to FCK off please. Apparently they’ve all gotta bubble together or something

Last edited 1 month ago by Tappaspur
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