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It’s Official, THST Ignored Again

By The Boy -

The EFL pondered Levy’s request and have granted it.

Tottenham Hotspur’s League cup home fixture against Watford will be played at the MK Dons’ ground, Stadium mk.

Spurs will not be made to reverse any fixtures in the competition (forced to play ‘home games’ at their opponent’s stadiums) and so will retain control, if not a true home advantage.

This has been discussed to death, but barring a power-failure or and act of God, I will be fascinated to see what fans who bother to make the 30 minute train journey think of Stadium mk.

One wag on a Tottenham forum recently cited the ground was ‘near an Asda!’ as this somehow was negative, presumably this clown would prefer to walk for 20 minutes to buy a room temperature multipack can of pop being sold singularly for the full RRP instead?

It’s also near an Ikea, a cinema and whole host of places to eat and drink, none of which have a high incident rate of knife wounding!

Maybe I’m nuts and everyone will come back wishing they had never left their homes, who knows?

What we 100% do know, is that filling it won’t be a chore, and Spurs will have 90% of the capacity that night.

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