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“It’s going to be a horrible, dogged game, but he knows how to win finals.” Former Spurs man has to admit Mourinho brilliance
By Bruce Grove -

Jamie O’Hara has backed Tottenham to beat any Manchester side that they meet in the Carabao Cup final, even though he remains less than impressed about the football under Jose Mourinho.

The former Spurs man is one of the outspoken critics of Tottenham’s style of play under the Special One, and he hasn’t changed his mind about the unattractiveness of Mourinho’s Tottenham

He was speaking about Spurs yet again recently and he said that they are boring to watch at the moment, but he would accept that if it brings an end to their trophy drought.

He says that when he watches Tottenham play, he isn’t looking forward to an exciting game, however, he now understands that they are all about winning matches regardless of the performance.

Mourinho has won trophies everywhere he has managed and O’Hara admits that he could help Spurs start winning them again.

“We are boring to watch,” he told talkSPORT Breakfast.

“I don’t sit in front of the TV and think, ‘I’m really enjoying this’; you’re having to watch the game and think more like, ‘this is about winning and Jose knows how to get results’.

“We won the game 2-0 but I wouldn’t say I was really excited about watching that Spurs side.

“But Jose Mourinho is a serial winner. You can’t get away from the fact the man has won everything and he’s at SPURS. It’s no disrespect to Spurs, but Jose Mourinho has always been at one of the biggest clubs in the world, whether it’s Real Madrid, Manchester United…

“Now he’s at Spurs and we’ve got a chance to win a trophy in his first full season in charge!

“So we have to get away from wanting to ‘play the Spurs way’; this dynamic football, ‘we’re free-flowing and open and everyone wants to watch Spurs’.

“We want to win a trophy, that’s what he’s been brought in to do and the players have bought into it and adapted to it really well. They are resilient, they are resolute, they are hard to break down, they win games, they’re keeping clean sheets.

“It’s frustrating to watch Spurs at times, but as a fan you’re accepting it because if we win a trophy come the end of the season the man’s a genius.

“And regardless who they play in the final, whether it’s Manchester United or Man City, the final is not going to be enjoyable.

“It’s going to be a Jose Mourinho special, they’re going to go into the game as underdogs and he will use that to their advantage, sit in, kill the emotion, it’s going to be a horrible, dogged game, but he knows how to win finals.”

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1 year ago

And that is what we want win finals with Jose @the helm Coys.

1 year ago
Reply to  Cali

Well apparently there are a few who dont

1 year ago
Reply to  ministerscat

The wonky lot only want us to win in style even though we ain’t won fck all in ages. Also re Europe they only want us to win the CL. MUGS

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