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It’s ‘filtered down from the boardroom’ Teddy Sheringham blasts Daniel Levy

By Mark Brus -

Tottenham’s season doesn’t feel as if much can be salvaged from it, this side is conceding an unprecedented number of goals, and if we look at the Premier League table, only 5 sides have picked the ball out of their own net as many times this season so far. Seventeen Premier goals were shipped in across the month of April alone, which is nothing less than a terrible collapse. José Mourinho was sacked 6 days before a cup final. Antonio Conte threw a fit after the Southampton game, and now we have Ryan Mason failing to get a tune out of a side that genuinely doesn’t look like a cohesive unit.

The first 45 minutes of games see Spurs bumbling about too little good purpose, followed by a second half of near hysterics to make up whatever the shortfall might be. Speaking to TBH’s Substack[£] former Spurs legend, Teddy Sheringham didn’t pull his punches. For Teddy, the problem emanates from the boardroom.

Teddy’s right of course, the culture of a business doesn’t come from the boys in the loading bay, it comes from the people at the top of the tree, and the Spurs board has been found wanting. Sure the non-football side of the business seems to be going great guns, with deal upon commercial deal being agreed. Live music bookings are back in the diary and at some point, a Formula One go-cart track is in the pipeline.

Sunday’s game against Manchester United was another game fraught with the now-usual chaos, and the introduction of Lucas Moura made no sense whatsoever, given that it is widely believed the Brazilian is leaving at the end of the season. It also only served to be the last nail in our coffin. Too many players out on loan, too little available quality. As Sheringham says, this all points to a malaise in the boardroom.


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