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‘it’s a step-up for me’ Former Spurs player may lose a few fans with this approach

By Eddie Razo -

The chapter of Steven Bergwijn at Tottenham Hotspur is over when the 24-year-old finalized a £26 million move to Ajax. After not finding his footing in north London, the winger is back in the Netherlands, where he might have taken a shot at Spurs.

In an interview with Ajax’s official website, he discussed the decision to head back home and play in a league that Bergwijn is familiar to find his former and prepare for the upcoming World Cup in November. 

“I was a bit shocked. I didn’t see it coming, actually. But yeah, I was getting left out of the team there, and of course, you just want to play,” Bergwijn said. 

However, another reason the former Spurs forward stated that a move to Ajax made sense was to compete in the UEFA Champions League. He added that the style the Dutch giants play is an attractive style of football and competitive; that is something Bergwijn wants to be a part of this coming season.

“So if you can go back to Ajax, it’s quite tempting. They always do well in the league and the Champions League. So, it’s a step-up for me,” Bergwijn said. 

“Ajax always play an attractive brand of football. They’re always in the Champions League, and they have done well in it. That’s important to me. In order to show what I can do. To prove myself on the biggest stage.”

Nonetheless, it seemed both parties got what they wanted in this deal, with Spurs recouping most of their initial fee and Bergwijn getting more playing time, but he still might be salty about how things played out in Tottenham.

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Steve 'Killer Cushion' Williams
Steve 'Killer Cushion' Williams
6 months ago
Reply to  coys1882

He does seem to contradict himself.. For weeks he’s been in the media telling everyone he wants to move for lack of game time.. Now he’s “a bit shocked and didn’t actually see it coming”.
Truth is he’s had to take a step down because he doesn’t cut it at the top level. 2 or 3 goals and 1 assist every season. He even struggled in sub par European comps.

6 months ago

I think you’re reading too much into the boy’s remarks. From the context, he appears to be inferring that it’s a step up for him, insofar as he is going to be a full-time starter, including in the CL, rather than a bit part/role player as he has been at Spurs. He is not actually saying that Ajax is a step up from Spurs.

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