Date: 25th December 2018 at 5:06pm
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Sir Alex Ferguson has emerged from the shadows at old Trafford in order to finally consolidate his role as ‘kingmaker’ at Manchester United.

A source close to Tottenham Hotspur Football Club has told the Harry Hotspur blog of the strategy that Man Utd are pursuing in order to secure Mauricio Pochettino, as their next permanent boss.

After the managerial disappointments of Van Gaal, David Moyes and one Mourinh,o patience at United is best described as frayed.

Woodward is under no illusion that he must recruit a manager who can deliver trophies – not in the medium to long term – but in the short term – because that is how successful clubs operate.

It is no secret in the football world that Pochettino is deemed to be a considerable talent, but one working with a chairman that has done little but hinder any hope of progress.

All the flannel about the Hotspur Way being state of the art and the new stadium being amazing is nothing more than flannel. It’s all purely speculative financial move to sell more food, drink and merchandise.

If Pochettino is serious about being a football manager that history remembers, then he will need to win Premier League trophies.

Woodward believes he will only have one shot at securing Maurico before Real Madrid come in for him and wants For Alex to oversee the offer, personally.

In typical Fergie style, the Scot needs the Argie to convince him that he has the ambition to match United’s resources.

I’ve made my own view clear.

It wouldn’t surprise me at all if Poch to swerve the tough job at Old Trafford and continue take Daniel Levy’s easy money.

Only last week Poch baffled the English press by trying to pass off some tin pot cup he won with Espanyol a decade ago, as an indication of his tangible success.

If Mauricio doesn’t get the move, it may well be because he failed the interview process.


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Hope so.


With the greatest of respect potch’s Lack of trophies is not going to cost him the opportunity to manage Man Utd. Fergie is clearly a fan and all the outside world can see that his teams Soton and us have punched above their weight on their respective budgets. We play for four trophies a year two of them pl and cl are out of our league so there is only the two cups. Prioritising them, at the expense of the league, is pointless given the prize monies involved in the relevant competitions.
In addition the last trophy we won in 2008 didn’t take the club forward anyway. Within 6 months Ramos Berbatov and Keane had gone we were bottom of the league and levy had to call in red Adair Rednapp.


If he wants to go good luck to him,he has fulfilled the terms of any contract Spurs have given him.To work with one arm tied behind his back & make the others frightened of us enough again to conduct themselves the way they do is admirable to say the least.I hope he stays though


In my opinion Poch is a romantic and loves building something from the bottom up and most importantly FINISH what he started. At Espanyol he was almost forced to leave by Perez and his wife when the Soton job came up saying it was a once in a lifetime opportunity for a manager of his stature at the time. Now leaving Soton was about Nicola Cortese and him being sacked. Poch was clear that his future was attached to him and still it was a hard decision for him to leave. Now at Spurs he has been given time and changed his title from head coach to manager inside two years because o Levy trusting him, knowing what happened at Soton. He now could get rid of Paul Mitchell and instead bringing back Hitchen as Chief scout and have more hands on approach. Now i know what people may think of Levy, Hitchen and Mitchell but that is not what i am writing about. My point with all of this is that Poch in my opinion has a lot of love and feels loyal to Levy, the club and the fans and is just as excited as we are about the future. Fergie in my opinion will not convince Poch because he did not 2 years ago and will not next summer either. Remember Poch has already said no twice to RM. If that does not tell you where he sees his future idk what will? The media has always been anti Spurs with their agenda driven dribble. But we are stronger than this. If the team can stay focused, so can we. COYS!