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This season was bound to be an uneasy one both on an off the pitch. Spurs broke all know records, becoming the only club in Europe’s top 5 leagues not to buy a player in back to back transfer windows.

Once one removes all the baloney about the stadium fit out and the training facilities being more than a field, a bag of balls and a bucket with a sponge in it… this season has lacked substance.

One cannot blithely babble on about STILL being in the top four and the Champions League when this has largely been despite ourselves, and on the back of other’s inadequacy.

Spurs are incredibly fortunate that Chelsea, United & Arsenal have been dreadful. Spurs’ league form – particularly away – has been atrocious. Any other season and we’d have slipped well out of the Top 4 places.

Pochettino’s good name has taken a somewhat of a hit this season. The results simply haven’t been there

A source close to the club tells the Harry Hotspur blog that Pochettino is on an inevitable collision course with Levy.

Mauricio has hit a point of no return in respect of transfers.

The gaffer’s line about wanting the ‘right’ transfers was never intended to give the club a pass to buy nobody, unless the player was both outstanding and cheap.

⚪️ It is my understanding that Pochettino has only sought to add players of genuine quality and his been systematically frustrated in these endeavours.

⚪️ Pochettino’s strategy is to steering a steady course of remaining respectful to the club until such time that his position is made untenable.

⚪️ There would be no benefit to him personally or his coaching team if he were to flare up publicly over the transfer farce.

⚪️ The end game is to either ensure desirable players are secured or, should the project become time expired, that he had his staff have retained their professionalism and so remain attractive to their next club.

This blog is in no doubt that Pochettino wants to stay, wants to win, however he has exhausted all possibility of doing so with the existing squad.

The Argentine knows he can only speak about ‘competing’ for so long and that the next chapter will require more than simply selling existing players to fund the arrival of new ones.

HH Says: If, IF Spurs were to achieve the frankly unimaginable and win the Champions League and secure a top 4 placing, then it might not be a complete waste of time to hope that Levy makes some meaningful purchases.

Until then, it is fanciful to believe that Poch will get the blood transfusion he is do desperate for.

Back the damn manager


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  1. poxy says:

    To those who think Poch is just a patsy, I have words of caution. I believe our gaffer genuinely loves his job at Spurs and that he would like to stay and deliver tangible success. However, a manager has to get on with his chairman or his tenure is likely to be a brief one; an absolute no no for a manager is to criticise his boss in public; to do so generally ensures you’re living on borrowed time. So Poch, and I’m sure he is intelligent enough to realise this, has to work on his chairman and try to cajole him into his way of thinking as much as he can. Of course, come the moment when Poch feels he really can’t do any more with the tools he is being given he is likely to go out and seek a club that is better able and prepared to meet his ambitions. That time could be approaching and I believe this Summer could be the last chance saloon for Levy if he doesn’t provide his gifted – and much sought after manager – some significant backing.

  2. Steve KillerCushion Williams says:

    Joe lewis is surely the man to blame. He could easily fix it too.. Hes a billionaire so if he has thousands of millions then 3 or 4 quality players is easily affordable.. Scrooge… Remember when enic took over they bought a good few young english with potential.. Lennon dawson huddlestone etc.. Turned out to be englands 2nd string… It would cost loads to do the same now.. Sad times.. Can see poch going to a top club with ambition

  3. Eddie says:

    Mat Dunn made a point on Sunday Suppliment a short while ago Imagine the atmosphere in the shopping mall next season when we’re playing Bate Borisov.
    The required investment should have been made 2 or 3 seasons ago and now it’s probably too much to be achieved now.That’s the problem.
    As Gazza mentions below,ENIC are social engineers and property developers with no interest in us as a football club and probably feel perhaps they can’t arrest the situation without the required investment,so it would be nice to think they would sell.However it won’t be before they have squeezed ever ounce of profit out of our club and left us in dire straits.

  4. Is Gascoigne gonna have a crac says:

    It’s supposed to be a football club.

    On the Liverpool match. It keeps happening, can nobody mark anymore? Very odd. Look at Liverpool’s 1st, anything familiar? Even the 2nd he’s in acres. Alexander-Arnold should have been sent off for handling on the goal line and even Scousers say the set play(agaaaaain) for the winner wasn’t a free kick. Whatever happens now there’s not much doubt Liverpool have been helped even if just to create a title race. I maintain they will win it though. Not a bottler when it comes to sticking my neck out.

  5. Limerick AL. says:

    All this Levy should do this, do that, Joe is a rich guy he should give us his money etc etc talk is a complete waste of time. Botch had his chances to put the pressure on, should have called it, Two seasons back, but did’nt. So Fuck him.

    • R0nan1882 says:

      He has called on levy to spend big, as have the senior players. See below.
      Who you would rather see in charge, AL?

      • Limerick AL. says:

        Someone with a Pair of Testicles , someone who does’nt ‘Talk around corners’ with bullshit, You could give Botch One billion quid to buy players and his first purchase ? Some 17 year old from Argentina for 6 and a quarter million. Something along those lines.

        • Eddie says:

          I think you are being really harsh on Poch.He has achieved so much in spite of the constraints Levy and ENIC have placed on him.Would you rather he had gone public in the manner of Mourinho? Look how that worked out for him.Yes maybe he would be at Utd. Now,but I think he genuinely wants to take Spurs further

          • Eddie says:

            Pressed the wrong button.
            He has never had the finances to compete and the cut price players are purely down to Levy.
            Put some names forward for alternate managers to work under Levy,I’d be interested.

    • Is Gascoigne gonna have a crac says:

      Yes it’s all too late now. Investment was needed 2 years ago to push on. Now this little 3rd 3rd adventure is over and the team has been left to fester. So much repair needed just to stand still. Never going to happen.

  6. R0nan1882 says:

    Last month Poch, Kane and Hugo all came out and said publicly that they believe the team can now only progress if serious money is spent on high-quality upgrades, ala Liverpool. What is more, poch told the press he informed levy this is the reason why Liverpool have now gone past spurs.

    Before the Anfield game last month poch said: ‘When a team like Liverpool need to improve their team in a certain area, people said it was crazy to pay £70m for a centre-back. But Liverpool were right. If you are going to sign the player who is going to improve your team, then it is not a lot of money. Because when you consider what it means to win a Champions League or a Premier League, it is cheaper to spend this type of money.’

    After the Anfield defeat, he told the press he had spelled this out to levy in stark terms.


    “Virgil Van Dijk cost £75m 18 months ago. The keeper was £70m. They had two midfielders on the bench who they spent more than £100m on in the summer.”

    Pochettino laid down the challenge to his chairman after the team have now moved to Tottenham’s new stadium.

    “It is about Daniel, it is about talking and seeing whether I am going to be involved or not,” Pochettino said.

    “Football is not about being romantic.

    “People sometimes say Tottenham is like Liverpool.

    “In what way? Yes, now we have a better stadium and better training ground.

    “But it’s another thing to compete as we need to operate – similar to them – in the future or not.”

    So it is now crystal clear and on the public tbe record exactly what poch wants from levy now. The subject is no longer clouded in mystery, or open to any debate, spin, or misinformation

  7. Iain Rosa says:

    After injuries (and now suspensions), our depth is threadbare. We failed to sign anyone in two transfer windows, but sold Dembele in January for £9m and did not replace him. If we fail to make top 4, it will cost us far, far more than £9m.
    I don’t know if billionaire ENIC owner Joe Lewis wants to be the richest corpse in the cemetery but he can well afford the massive investment desperately needed if the team is to progress next season.
    My feelings are for the loyal Spurs fans who pay big money each season to support our team, only to see the owners fail to pay our squad the wages they deserve. We’re set to lose Toby and Eriksen because they’re paid far less than average players at mid-table clubs and unless ENIC pay people what they’re worth, others will also look elsewhere.
    Top 4 clubs pay far more than us so it’s hardly surprising we don’t see a line of excellent players wanting to work for one of the best managers in Europe.
    Sure, we have a shiny new £900m stadium but what’s the use of a business opening a great building if you don’t stock it with top quality?
    The only way ENIC will get the message is if fans hold off renewing their season tickets until they see evidence of the promised big spend and we actually sign some quality players, rather than dross such as Janssen, Llorente and Aurier.
    It’s time for Lewis and Levy to back the manager in the transfer market and for Poch to call it as it is, instead of spouting philosophical musings about “being brave” as he did last year.

    • Eddie says:

      Lewis is on record as saying he will not be putting any of ENIC’s money into THFC and the fact that the new shopping mall is financed completely by borrowed money tells you all you need to know about their commitment to the club.
      As Ronan so succinctly puts it above the onus is now firmly on Levy.He has to deliver tangible improvements to the squad otherwise Poch will walk along with players other than the ones already likely to leave.Just scraping top four is no longer acceptable.
      It means the unthinkable to Levy,he has to spend real money on top quality players and also be prepared to take financial hits on players who have never been good enough.

      • Is Gascoigne gonna have a crac says:

        Lewis is just there for the area development. He and his mates are social engineers. They’ve used and destroyed us.

      • Iain Rosa says:

        If that’s Lewis’ attitude, next time he appears at the new WH Lane the fans should come up with a chant that gives it to him with both barrels,

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