Date: 5th May 2019 at 9:35am
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This season was bound to be an uneasy one both on an off the pitch. Spurs broke all know records, becoming the only club in Europe’s top 5 leagues not to buy a player in back to back transfer windows.

Once one removes all the baloney about the stadium fit out and the training facilities being more than a field, a bag of balls and a bucket with a sponge in it… this season has lacked substance.

One cannot blithely babble on about STILL being in the top four and the Champions League when this has largely been despite ourselves, and on the back of other’s inadequacy.

Spurs are incredibly fortunate that Chelsea, United & Arsenal have been dreadful. Spurs’ league form – particularly away – has been atrocious. Any other season and we’d have slipped well out of the Top 4 places.

Pochettino’s good name has taken a somewhat of a hit this season. The results simply haven’t been there

A source close to the club tells the Harry Hotspur blog that Pochettino is on an inevitable collision course with Levy.

Mauricio has hit a point of no return in respect of transfers.

The gaffer’s line about wanting the ‘right’ transfers was never intended to give the club a pass to buy nobody, unless the player was both outstanding and cheap.

⚪️ It is my understanding that Pochettino has only sought to add players of genuine quality and his been systematically frustrated in these endeavours.

⚪️ Pochettino’s strategy is to steering a steady course of remaining respectful to the club until such time that his position is made untenable.

⚪️ There would be no benefit to him personally or his coaching team if he were to flare up publicly over the transfer farce.

⚪️ The end game is to either ensure desirable players are secured or, should the project become time expired, that he had his staff have retained their professionalism and so remain attractive to their next club.

This blog is in no doubt that Pochettino wants to stay, wants to win, however he has exhausted all possibility of doing so with the existing squad.

The Argentine knows he can only speak about ‘competing’ for so long and that the next chapter will require more than simply selling existing players to fund the arrival of new ones.

HH Says: If, IF Spurs were to achieve the frankly unimaginable and win the Champions League and secure a top 4 placing, then it might not be a complete waste of time to hope that Levy makes some meaningful purchases.

Until then, it is fanciful to believe that Poch will get the blood transfusion he is do desperate for.

Back the damn manager