Date: 3rd June 2019 at 12:41pm
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Ballague is back.

And it’s no surprise to those of us that aren’t living in the cult of Daniel denial that still pollutes the fanbase, that the truth will out.

In the coming days it will be known if the ambitions of Mauricio Pochettino and that of club president Daniel Levy are similar.

The complete incompatability of Levy’s project and any football project is now out in the open.

If you continue to prioritize the stadium and the expenses related to it, ok, fine. But we’ll have to tell the fans like that: people, we’re going to fight for fourth to sixth place from now on. If the money that will be available for transfers is spent on 4 players of 20 million, they will be bringing substitutes.

Buying cheap is buying twice, or occasionally having a punt come in.

It’s great way for running an INVESTMENT buy no way to run a football club.

The ambitions are not similar.

Mauricio Pochettino has been compromised out of existence by a micromanaging bean counter.

The stadium is a temple to medocrity. One trophy in the best part of 20 years is risible.

The only club in Europe’s top 5 leagues not to spend a solitary penny and still there are some that find the term ‘perenial losers’ offensive.

Spurs have been blatantly handicapped by ENIC.

Look at to Fenway Sports for comparison. While the wound is still open.

Set out to win something and they did.

Does anyone honestly think there is a Liverpool fan in the planet that this is in anyway embarrassed by being sat in the ramshackle Anfield wathing the Champions Of Europe play?

The piety that has infested the club beggars belief.

Too good for White Hart Lane, too much integrity to spend… head too far up it’s arse to know right from wrong.

Poor, poor Pochettino deserves so much better.