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ITK: Levy Sees Spurs As A Long Haul Deal
By Harry Hotspur -

The appointment of Jose Mourinho was undeniably a recovery move after a prolonged period of mediocrity at Tottenham.

25 points from our last 24 games was not something a blue chip club like Spurs could indulge indefinitely.

Spurs’ away record this season in particular has been dire. The last win on the road for Mauricio was back in January 2019.

Given the colossal investment, and indeed, the clue in the name, English National Investment Company, it could be suggested that Jose was brought in to make sure ENIC get nothing less than top dollar for their biggest corporation.

That’s certainly what talkSPORT’s Alan Brazil feels. The former Spurs’ player was quoted in the Daily Express yesterday as saying that THFC are now gearing up to sell.

A source close to the club has told the Harry Hotspur blog that ENIC have no defined plans of selling in immediate future.

“There isn’t a magic number right now, Daniel’s objective to make Spurs a global brand hasn’t changed. Poch will be missed on a personal level, but the business just moves on.”

It’s difficult to know how Spurs fans would take this news, since the dismissal of Poch has caused a very visible shudder on the various forums etc.

My view hasn’t skipped a beat. ENIC must do what is best for the football team and the rest will follow.

Jose is the best for ANY football team.

As his CV demonstrates.

As Ben Shapiro says, “facts don’t care about your feelings”.

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28 responses to “ITK: Levy Sees Spurs As A Long Haul Deal”

  1. ronan1882 says:

    On the basis of the past five years and beyond, levy is the one who deserved summary dismissal this week. Yet somehow he has managed to emerge from the poch era sitting safe, even being hailed anew in some quarters as some form of genius.

    For what? For delivering a stadium a year late at three times his own estimated cost? For disappearing all the financial proceeds of poch and the players’ success over the past five years and allowing the only title threatening Spurs side in most people’s liifetimes to decay and evaporate? For stretching his one tangible football achievement- a league cup – out to ithe brink of two decades (a similar blue chip status to that occupied by Swansea and Birmingham city)?

    And now we have this appointment of Jose Mourinho, being excitedly heralded as evidence the endless Jam Tomorrow project is over.

    Forgive me, but to the naked eye it is an appointment that reeks of scrambling desperation — of rapid arse covering by levy once Leicester had predictably ttold him to get lost. Only last week Mourinho was universally regarded as fire damaged goods after his Real, Chelsea and Man U sackings. He knew he was never again going to be appointed by a genuine blue chip club The appointment just has a very nasty AVB/ Serge Aurier stink about it.

    Go back to that New Year’s night when spurs took United apart at Wembley or to just last autumn when spurs ran riot at Old Trafford. How many spurs fans would have been dancing if told then that Mourinho was going to replace poch, only without the hundreds of millions in transfers and wages lavished on him at Man U, Chelsea and Madrid?

    I am hoping to see more clean sheets and more 3pts, but as long as enic are calling the shots I am not expecting more silverware.

  2. DannyG says:

    If he wins the league during his time with us, surely no one will care what happened before or after. He would be revered forever as a legend.

    • Steve KillerCushion Williams says:

      350 million spent in 2 years at manure and he already had pogba and that team was poor.. Id obviously love to win the league but this seems like a fairytale with the competition.. It all stinks of branding.. Brand levy paying for brand jose to convince everyone spurs are a powerhouse

      • paul says:

        He had a nightmare team of world class egotists up there on beyond ludicrous money with agents agitating and planting stories the entire time. Give the bloke a chance. He’s had 11 months off and everything i’ve seen of him so far he’s made a decent start already. of course it’s going to take ages for us to get used to him at Spurs but we need to move on and at least be open to the possibilities.

        • Tappaspur says:

          Sense talk.

        • Steve KillerCushion Williams says:

          I hope he does well mate, i hope we win everything and become a true powerhouse of the game . I just cant see it happening with maureen and the way he operates.. I hope hes changed. Of course give him a chance everyone deserves a second chance or two, he will soon be gone anyway. Have to disagree about manure the only world class they got is pogs and de gea and one of maureens first signings was zlatan 😆 biggest ego there he brought in himself. Fred and matic and lukaku, serious money on litter while klopp spent similar money on the likes of salah and van dik…. Manure needed defenders badly and maureen went and bought strikers..

  3. Steve KillerCushion Williams says:

    10, 15 years ago jose was the best…. Pep and klopp are the best today… I hope you are right H you usually are… But i feel jose has been in decline ever since he came back to the prem.. He changed loads.. From the charming charismatic cheeky humourous witty special one to a moaning old woman stuck on repeat monotone.. Im already thinking about who are next manager will be, because maureen has NEVER stayed at a club for 4 years. Yeah he may win a league or fa cup or maybe the ropey league cup for us… But then hel be gone in no time making headlines yet again…. This isnt stability for the future… I believe that if potch was backed then he would have won and created a dynasty… There has been so much fundamentaly wrong with the running of the club, jose wont fix this… He couldnt fix the chavs or manure.. I hope the portugese proves everyone wrong, but his recent reigns were shaky to say the least

  4. East Stand says:

    There are many theories kicking about regarding the reasons for employing Maureen. People are trying to make sense of it, as if Levy has a master plan of some description, world domination or something.

    After almost 20 years it’s fairly obvious that he does not. He’s a bore, a number cruncher and a slave to the balance sheet.

    Poch left because he wouldn’t walk after he and Levy had become very far apart on the football vision and what any ‘rebuild’ would look like.

    Poch signed a long lucrative contract not 18 months ago, perhaps he saw that as a sign that Levy was prepared to back him to take the club to the next level under his stewardship. How gullible and naive Poch must have felt when none of that materialised.

    Levy may well have thought that once he’d tied him down on a big contract that Poch would just go on producing miracles on the same meagre budget. Deliver C.L football with the 7th highest wage bill snd the 17th highest net spend season after season.

    He was wrong and Poch felt let down, add the disappointment of losing in Madrid in the final and Poch had lost the will to go on banging his head against a brick wall.

    He wasn’t going to walk away from a pay off he more than deserved but to get that he had to back Levy into a corner rather than bail him out yet again. Yes, Poch wanted the sack, so he can go somewhere and be properly backed and I predict that will be at Manure.

    Maureen has come in to steady the ship, to try and keep the Champions League an ongoing concern. Perhaps win a domestic trophy, who knows? The fact is that José is nothing other than an interim manager to provide a short term fix to an endemic ENIC shaped problem that only them selling will free the club from.

    I just hope this talk of ENIC selling is true, street party time if that happens!!

    • Steve KillerCushion Williams says:

      Enic wont sell.. Pochs treatment is nothing short of disgusting… No masterplan of levy he had just given poch a pay rise 😆 maureen was a panic buy clearly to get quick results…. I can still hear the boys drum banging like an old echo.. Should have backed the damn manager

  5. GaryD says:

    Long time reader of this blog but never before posted. Sometimes agree with the writers views, sometimes don’t, but have always respected the views put forward and the reasoning behind them, which in my opinion, seem considered, whilst showing the passion of a true spurs fan. Anger often spills through, which is good. Shows that he cares.

    With regards to the latest ongoings pointing towards a business that is looking to sell its product, I couldn’t agree more. The whole thing reeks of it.

    You build a world class stadium and a world class training ground to improve your assets. This rings true when you don’t put money into improving the playing infrastructure and anything else that may push us towards actually winning anything.

    To say spurs haven’t spent any money isn’t true. They just haven’t spent it (or borrowed it) with the sole plan of attaining football glory.

    But to hit the next step and have a billion dollar plus asset on your hands (not to mention a historic stadium naming writes deal) you need global appeal…and that comes from trophies, both at home and on the European stage.

    To think Mourinho is nothing more than a short term fix is justified. Levy’s just hoping that during the short term they get what they’re looking for.

    What I find an affront is the statement that indicates that the change in management had anything to do with or was a decision based on the fan base (customers) “happiness”.

    That right there…is a ****ing lie.

  6. East Stand says:

    No Gio in the training pictures, looks like he’s on his way out too…

  7. Druid says:

    All this makes sense to me. Just hoping that Mou lets the malcontents walk (Rose, Eriksen,et al) That he won’t re-sign Bale and that he can get “Captain England” to return & play full time and full effort for Spurs.

    • Spurs est1882 says:

      I don’t think that Kane lacks effort for us… He lacks supply.

      • MrChickenHead says:

        True, he scores for England when he wants too.

        • Druid says:

          And saunters around the pitch for 70 out of 90 minutes for Spurs. It’s not supply he lacks. It’s committment. He wants to become “Sir Harry”.

          • Steve KillerCushion Williams says:

            Hes got to where he is out of extreme commitment! Are you smoking those space fags mate?

        • Spurs est1882 says:

          I don’t think we have less creative quality than England. SO I do hope Jose opens up what ever is stopping us using it. Kane should be scoring 30ish a season without trying. I could see Kane getting 40 at a team like City.

    • Jonathan Asmerom says:

      Alderweireld is more of a problem then club legend Rose. I agree on Eriksen though, he has done well for the club but if does not knuckle down under Mou, just sell him in Jan.

      • Steve KillerCushion Williams says:

        Toby and danny always perform they are not a problem… As for chris the great pain i hope hes out the door in jan, biggest snowflake ever.. Runs everywhere defending closing people down only to stop dead still right in front of opponents and do nothing at all.. No foot in, no contact, not good enough for a centre mid.. I would get the ball and run at eriksen every time hes just useless. We need warriors in the middle, not snowflakes

    • Tappaspur says:

      I think poch should and will leave England (for now)

    • paul says:

      Regardelss of what Danny boy spouts in the press he’s one of the very few that can hold their heads up for not going missing. He’s one of the top left backs in the country, I wouldn’t sell him ahead of a ton of others at our place

      • Druid says:

        He is paranoid and puts his mouth in drive before his brain is engaged. He runs hot & cold on the field. Running down and running out. Let him go home to the north.

        • Steve KillerCushion Williams says:

          Hes well entitled to his opinion.. And all he said has been true.. Id rather honest outspoken players who arent scared of the powers that be.. And he always puts a shift in…. Get back to making your spells bruv 😆👍

  8. Fiona Johna says:

    I believe Brendan was approached first but was happy to stay put with the cunning Foxes and we ended up with 2nd choice Jose. Still it may mean we will attract the likes of Zlatan to the Lane.