Date: 24th September 2018 at 3:13pm
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Here are the quotes from the updates – added to Pochettino’s £6 book. 

“It was time to be rid of those who lacked commitment, those who could not help the club to grow,” ghostwriter Guillem Balague explains in June 2018 (p.277-278).

“Mauricio had spent practically the whole season locked in his office solving matters of group management rather than helping the team in training. If no one was prepared to lend a hand, then the club would begin to stagnate.

“Levy had to do one of two things, either get rid of certain players and replace them with others who were good enough or look for another coach. The renewal of his contract at the end of May was the consequence of some tough, but totally necessary, conversations that took place and was an indication of how the club responded to his demands.

“It was now time to set about renewing the dream by bringing in a new energy in the shape of players of the highest possible calibre. The 2018-19 season would not be like the last. The club had to admit that it had made mistakes and they needed to learn from them. Bravery can sometimes be at its best when the accelerator is pressed to the floor.”

Sadly all too credible, all too inevitable.

As this, the Harry Hotspur blog has been saying since the day Andres Villas-Boas quit, the primary function of Tottenham Hotspur Football Club is not to achieve anything in football, but to make a nice little earner for the investment company that holds the rights.

Investing money in the squad is seen as a laughable risk, opposed to investing in loosely sports themed shopping centre is precisely the route to take when one is focused upon being the richest man in the graveyard.

ENIC apologists have gone from being perceived as grounded intellectuals to being revealed as anti-football cretins – suffering with severe bouts of Stockholm Syndrome.

Maybe Balague is simply an enormous trouble making fraud.

Yeah, sure.

And maybe Postman Pat was a real postman.

Good luck.