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It is not too early to talk about Tottenham as title challengers
By Bruce Grove -

It is very easy to fear ambition, especially as a Spurs fan after so many years of disappointment but that does not mean that we cannot rise above that fear and believe.

There is no point scaling the summit of the Premier League to then just turn around and be all negative and dismiss our title hopes.

The truth is that the top six opposition this year have issues and Spurs are well placed to take advantage.

Liverpool has injuries up the wazoo, Man City are simply not firing on all cylinders, Man Utd and Arsenal are mid-table teams right now and Chelsea still has a very unpredictable defence.

Tottenham also has some issues but there are far more positives than negatives and until one of the other top six teams puts a significant winning run together there is no reason why Spurs cannot be talked about as genuine title challengers.

We are almost at 25% of the season gone and Spurs, at worst, will be second, probably first once all this weekend’s games are concluded. Whoever is top at that point fully deserves to be seen as potential league champions.

Jose Mourinho has got his squad well balanced, there are two good players to each position, the players are playing for the manager, they seem happy, disciplined and motivated, all the ingredients of a title winning team and if anyone knows what it takes to build such a team, it is Mourinho.

Some will no doubt say it is too early and some will be afraid of jinxing the team by talking too soon about title challenges but I am not one of them, for me, it is not too early at all to be talking about the title.

I am not saying we will win it this season but I am definitely saying we can and I see no reason why all Spurs fans cannot say it loudly and proudly.

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