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“It does dishearten you…” Danny Rose On Failure [video]
By Harry Hotspur -

To try to parody Newcastle United‘s Danny Rose these days would be a tough gig. Here we have a player once loved by many Spurs fans, who then became disaffected – because of circumstances that have been discussed at length on this blog – and elsewhere.

What I do find curious though, is that finding Danny Rose ‘content’ online that relates to his new club, isn’t particularly obvious. This search of the comprehensive NewsNow, yielded very few (if any) articles where the now 29-year-old spoke about the Toon in a committed sense.

The closest I could find were these quotes carried by the Shields Gazette, in which Rose referred to Newcastle as “a shop window” for the Euros.

I bet Tyneside cannot believe it’s luck.

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