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Is Jose Mourinho already losing the Tottenham dressing room?
By Bruce Grove -

Jose Mourinho isn’t a stranger to falling out with his players and that might be the case once again.

The special one has been preparing his team to end this campaign inside the Premier League’s top four.

The Lilywhites signed the players he asked for and the team will have wanted a winning start to the season.

But they were beaten at home by Everton on the opening weekend, it is fair to say that Mourinho didn’t enjoy that.

The Portuguese managed complained about his player’s fitness levels and commitment to pressing their opponents after the game, and that criticism wasn’t taken very well by all the players.

Mirror Sports claims that the Portuguese manager’s criticism of his players may have angered some of them and caused the dressing room to be divided.

It claims that some of the players felt that he was being selfish and shifting the blame to others by criticising them instead of taking responsibility.

The players certainly were not happy to have lost the game, but they believe that they were not “lazy” as Mourinho claimed and that they gave their best efforts in the game.

Ben Davies said after the game as quoted by the Mirror: “Look, it’s a tough one. I think everybody worked hard. Me personally, I gave it my all. I wouldn’t doubt that everybody else in the team gave it their all.

“But the performance wasn’t up to scratch. It’s hard to put it down to a lack of effort. I’m sure we will evaluate where we went wrong moving forward.”

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